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Whether you’re the avid meal-prep type or one who constantly finds themselves with an abundance of leftovers, chances are you own a Tupperware set. Or maybe 15. Regardless if keep your plastic storage containers in a drawer, cabinet, or some other hidden spot in your kitchen, these food storage containers always seem to invite a sense of clutter courtesy of their varying shapes and sizes. Is it just us or does it seem like a lid is always disappearing into the depths of those messy cabinet drawers?

It’s possible to style an organized kitchen, though. We turned to leading bloggers, organization experts, and DIYers to source a few helpful storage solutions for these problematic vessels. Read on for the simple and creative Tupperware storage ideas we swear by. 

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Store your dry goods

If you have more than your fair share of Tupperware containers but can’t quite bear to part with them, use them to streamline your current pantry mode of storage.


Group them by brand

If you have an eclectic assortment of containers from various brands, group the like Tupperware pieces together to steamline the process.

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Consider starting fresh with a matching new set of containers

These kitchen-friendly Frigoverre Glass Storage Containers are great because they are affordable, eco-friendly, and come with interchangeable lids. The square containers fit neatly side by side, and when not in use, the containers and lids can be stacked perfectly inside one another.

Embrace flat containers

If you have almost no space to store your containers, try using a set of FlatOut Collapsible Tupperware Storage containers. These adjustable containers collapse and flatten for space-saving storage, and they can even be washed flat in the dishwasher.

Just buy the bins

After you have purchased your Tupperware containers, one of the easiest ways to organize is to first sort and store similar items in bins. Make sure to evaluate all your pantry items and toss everything that’s expired and give away everything you didn’t use in the last year. Then, place the items back in the pantry and label the containers.


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Use wire shelves to stash lids

You might be used to seeing these wire drawers in the bathroom, but they can also be useful in the kitchen as well. Organize your lids by size by placing the larger lids on the top of the shelf and the smaller lids on the bottom. This sorting system is neat and provides simplicity when you are searching for lids.

Repurpose a CD rack into a Tupperware lid organizer

Double the storage capacity inside your cabinets by adding freestanding wire shelves. First, measure your cabinet interiors or you can choose expandable shelves. Then, include riser-style inserts for small items such as spices or glassware.

Make a DIY fabric Tupperware lid holder

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, then you can make this innovative lid holder. Use any scrap material to make this DIY organizer, and you can customize it to fit your cabinet doors and the lids of your containers.

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Organize by color

Instead of having confusion over where things belong, sort all of your Tupperware by color to make it more fun and easier to find an item.


Separate your Tupperware items

Divide up your drawers by size, function or material, so that there’s a specific place for each Tupperware item. Place all similarly-sized bowls together and keep the matching lids together close by.

File plastic containers

“File” plastic containers and their lids in an orderly nature within the same drawer to make these items easy to locate.

Impose order on kids’ clutter

Help your children realize the benefits of organization by transforming their play space into a well-sorted, color-coded and neatly labeled storage unit, making it easier for everyone to find what they’re looking for quicker.

This story was originally published in October 2015. It has been updated with new information. 


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