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If you thought organizing the cupboard underneath your sink was a challenge, then you haven’t had a space with an upper-corner kitchen cabinet. With its often narrow doors and deep, awkwardly shaped space within, it’s a storage nook that stumps the best of us. This is why many renovators tend to knock them out and replace them with open shelving or a chic vintage pie cupboard. But not all is lost if you decide to stick with your quirky uppers. Here, we share how to organize a corner cabinet to take full advantage of the tricky spot. Plus Jamie Hord, founder of Horderly Professional Organizing, shares the tool she can’t live without. 

Create Your Own Shelves

If you need an upper-corner cabinet organizer with some height, look no further than this adaptable game changer. The customizable carousel-inspired concept instantly transforms this tricky space into a functional and easily accessible cupboard that puts all your essentials within arm’s reach.

Turn It Into a Good Time


Architect Idan Naor tackled the cavelike feel of this New York kitchen by designing walnut uppers and shelving that seamlessly transition from a sharp corner into a smooth bend. To fully utilize the extra-deep storage, the owners installed curved doors to hide their cocktail-making essentials in the corner cabinet.

Live by Lazy Susans and Labels

Turntables make the world go round—er, okay, just your nuts and olive oils, but their handiness can’t be overlooked. “We love using multiple lazy Susans on shelves in corner cabinets, or you can mix and match products and use a combination of them and clear bins on hard-to-reach shelves,” says Hord. Invest in a label maker so you never have to play a guessing game from the ground. 

Put the Tallest Things Up Top

All those decorative glass pitchers you’ve collected should go way up top (just adjust your shelves to fit things accordingly). This is especially key if your corner cabinet features a see-through glass panel; it’s an opportunity to put pretty cake stands and pitchers on display. “That can be include stemware or other aesthetically pleasing items like matching china,” says Hord. 

Improvise Shelving

Raise the roof for risers. Vertical space is often underutilized, which is where these simple wire supports come in. They’re a favorite of Gilat Tunit, the founder of Project Neat, because they keep everything accessible and not in danger of falling out. She also recommends hanging shelves, which can be affixed to the bottom of upper cabinets. “It’s all about creating space,” she says.


Keep Your Spices Separate

Meet the other type of corner cabinet: the straight-on version. This nook is less awkward and not as deep, but you still need to be strategic about what you store there. Designate the highest shelf for occasional entertaining-ware, and carve out a small drawer for things you use every day, like spices, below. “We call this cabinet ‘not-prime real estate,’” Hord points out. Use it wisely, and don’t forget the lazy Susan, of course.