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Spray bottles of cleaning supplies. Rogue pouches of dishwasher detergent. Stacks of Tupperware. Maneuvering under-kitchen sink storage is like a game of Tetris. If you want to cut down on visual clutter, though, a full-scale revamp may be in order—and we found four ideas to kick-start your brainstorm. 

Start fresh with a unit that comes with built-in real estate, or hide it all away with the help of a strategically placed textile. It will take some planning, but once you’ve re-thought this tricky corner and everything has its place, you’ll never again have to sift through a mess to find the exact mixing bowl you were looking for. 

Rethink Your Entire Unit

If you’re starting from scratch, why not follow this Austin home’s lead? A stainless steel fixture with a built-in under-shelf instantly makes the tight space look bigger. Plus, it nips hoarding in the bud; having everything out in the open is incentive enough to keep your essentials pared back. Use large baskets to corral pantry goods so the shelf doubles as a food organizer: Here, a white wicker bowl houses potatoes. 

Use Every Inch of Surface Area

Velinda Hellen’s picture-perfect blue kitchen has a few secrets, and they’re all hiding under the sink. Practical necessities are tucked away in an enviably neat manner: Her dustpan hangs on the side of cabinet; she’s decanted bleach and OxiClean into chic glass containers and stored extra dishrags under a small shelf. Our favorite feature, though, is the clever over-cabinet paper towel roll holder. Buy one of your own to reclaim some counter space. 

Choose the Right Vessels

Speaking of decanting, Jen Wink Hays makes under-kitchen sink storage look charming—and it’s all thanks to her glass jar collection. Follow suit with your own collection of canisters, to be filled with things like laundry pods and dish detergent. It’s a great way to ditch the busy packaging that make cupboards look crowded, plus you’ll be able to clearly see how much you have of everything well before you run out.  

Consider a Curtain 

Photo by Megan Markham on Unsplash

When all else fails, conceal the mess. If you’ve decluttered and the spot still looks like an eyesore, a sink skirt is your solution. This sunny yellow cabinet doesn’t have doors on the base units, so a simple oatmeal-colored linen swatch does the trick. Pick a splashy pattern to liven up doing the dishes or go with a cloth in your favorite color. Who said organizing can’t be fun? 

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