Published on February 16, 2016

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Photography by PINTEREST

If you’re anything like me, organization is the key to a happy home. But, there’s always one spot that seems incredibly hard to keep organized, no matter how hard you try — the scary area under the sink.

The challenge when organizing this somewhat grimy spot is systematically arranging your array of cleaning supplies, reusable plastic bags, and Costo pack of sponges around the pipes under your sink.

But, never fear! There is a way to keep this spot neat and tidy no matter what. 

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sliding trays are your friend

Sometimes you just don’t have enough space for large kitchen appliances on your countertop, and that’s perfectly okay thanks to sliding trays. Add a few of these under your sink to help you access your appliances easier (aka: no more taking everything out to grab one thing). 

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hooks make everything better

Stop throwing your cleaning gloves and petite duster in a heap at the back of your sink. Add a few hooks (fancy or otherwise) to the inside of your cabinet door to provide a new space to hang various under the sink necessities.

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Photography by caitlyn wilson

magazine holders can be multi-functional too

No more creating inaccessible piles of frying pans, baking sheets, and cutting boards with the help of a nifty magazine holder. These babies will keep all your flat kitchen accessories organized, eliminating the ugly, totally disorganized pile of pans for good. 

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Photography by HOME DEPOT

bins, y’all

When in doubt, use bins to store all your items. Put cleaning supplies together in one and your toilet paper and paper towels in another. This will prevent your cleaners from spilling onto anything, and it will also help when you’re searching for one specific item — you can just slide out a bin instead of knocking everything over to grab your Lysol. We recommend using clear bins so that you can see exactly what you’re looking for.

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Photography by martha stewart

a tension rod can do wonders

If you don’t have room for bins, or you just don’t like the bulky aesthetic, hang a tension rod underneath your sink. You can hang all of your spray bottles from the rod, which saves vital cabinet floor space.

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you can never have too many jars

Allow us a moment to address that other scary cabinet situation. Jars will help keep your bathroom cabinet organized — I promise. You can use jars to store your extra hair ties and your 200 pack of Q-tips instead of leaving them in their bulky cardboard packaging. This will help clear up space for the rest of your under the sink items.

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Photography by DWELL

never underestimate the use of lazy susans

Lazy Susans may just be the best thing that’s ever happened to under the sink organization. They make accessing your items so much easier (read: no more taking everything out to reach your cleaning sponge!). 

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Photography by better homes and gardens

utensil holders (and shower caddies!) can be so much more

Somewhat surprisingly, both utensil holders and shower caddies can be multifunctional, despite their function-specific names. Hang one or two of these on to the inside of the cabinet door to hold your items.  

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Photography by kapito muller

cheap binder organizers can be a lifesaver

Get rid of your drawer dedicated to tin foil and saran wrap. Instead, use a cheap binder organizer to store these elongated rectangular boxes. A normal sized binder organizer should hold up to 4 of these items if they are put in vertically. 


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