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Almost 50% of Homeowners Are Building These Organizers Into Their Kitchens

Slots, niches, and dividers give everything a place.
Lydia Geisel Avatar
open kitchen cabinet with cutting boards inside

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When it comes to organizing the kitchen, there are two things that keep us up at night: spices and cookie sheets. It’s not that these everyday essentials take up all that much space—there’s just never a convenient place to put them. That’s why more and more renovators are building dedicated niches for these items when they remodel their spaces. 

According to a new survey from Houzz, which polled more than 2,000 U.S. homeowners, nearly half of respondents claimed they’re putting in some sort of specialty organizer for cookie sheets and spices (48 and 39 percent, respectively). For the former, one clever solution is to hide them away inside a lower cabinet (think: the above space designed by Michael Wurm). Rev-a-Shelf makes a ton of genius products that transform basic cabinets in a flash. Adding slots allows you to stack boards and pans vertically so you barely have to bend over.

As for your paprika and cinnamon, those things can also live in a drawer. But before you toss them in there, consider installing a two-tier divider solution and then decanting the ingredients into uniform, labeled containers. Marie Kondo’s just-launched collection for the Container Store happens to feature $7 ceramic jars. Swing-out trays (another popular built-in organization feature) are also a great way to go if the only place to put your spices is in a hard-to-reach corner cabinet. Leave simple over-the-door racks in the past.

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