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There are people who enjoy cleaning…and then there’s Monica Geller. The fictional Friends character is known for her next-level obsession with organizing: She categorizes her towels, folds the end of her toilet paper into perfect points, and labels her mugs by number. Neat freaks have always been able to relate, and no one more so than the real-life Monica, actor Courteney Cox. 

It turns out Cox wasn’t pretending when her character taught Chandler the right way to make a bed or that time she used a tiny handheld vacuum to clean her big one. In a recent Instagram video, she asked her followers to tell her they’re “a Monica” without really telling her. “I’ll go first,” she said, before proceeding to show off her impeccably tidy kitchen. 


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First up, Cox revealed her epic utensil drawer. While bamboo dividers and plastic compartments suffice for most of us, her bespoke version has a niche for every single tool, down to her cheese grater and bottle opener. (Psst: Hafele makes custom ones like Cox’s per request.) Then she moved on to her spices, which live in uniform bottles and are displayed cap-side up in a drawer so she can quickly decipher her basil from her coriander. 

Finally we got a peek inside her pantry. Cox decanted her baking ingredients and dried goods into matching glass containers, giving the shelves a seamless look but also nixing the need for bulky boxes that tend to soak up space. We know!

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