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When you think of products to pamper yourself with, your first thought is probably not counter spray or dish soap—but Courteney Cox thinks it should be. The actor, director, and producer (most notably known for her role as cleaning-obsessive Monica Geller on Friends) recently launched Homecourt, a brand of cleaning and what she calls “home-care” products that make tidying up feel more like an act of self-care and less like a chore.

“I really love being at home,” Cox tells Domino deputy editor Julie Vadnal in the latest episode of Design Time: The Rebellious Ones (out today on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). “Why not make your home feel as special as you would your body? I think there is something really important about caring for things.”

In the episode, Cox shares more about her line (which includes scented candles and hand cream), her casual Sunday night get-togethers with guests like Ed Sheeran and Elton John, and how her home design has evolved—from American country to gothic to French Provincial to its current state: classic and eclectic, with no clutter, of course. She also answered all of our Never Have I Ever questions. Here’s a sneak peek.

Never have I ever…shopped at HomeGoods.

Is that a store? I have never. I’m gonna check it out.

Never have I ever…painted my own walls. 

I definitely have. I used to do everything myself, and I would mess up. Now I don’t—there are better professionals out there for certain jobs.

Never have I ever…looked up a friend’s rent or house price on Zillow.

I haven’t—I would just ask them. I’m not shy. I’ll just say, “What’d you pay for that?” If you know me, I’m very blunt. They might get embarrassed, but I don’t.

Never have I ever…lied to a landlord about a rental renovation.

I have. I don’t know if it would be a landlord, but I’ve done some sneaky, I-should-have-gotten-a-permit-but-I-didn’t kind of renovations. I’ve turned a garage into a bedroom and added on to places without telling the city, because sometimes it takes too long, so you just do it. But I’ve done it safely, and I’ve done it to code—it’s just not signed off on. I’m a rebel. What can I say?

Never have I ever…bought something checkerboard.

Besides the actual checkers boardgame? Probably never.