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In her second cookbook, The Moon Juice Manual, the adaptogenics-obsessed Amanda Chantal Bacon whips up her version of comfort food: recipes that she says are as de-stressing to eat as they are to make. “Comfort food should be comforting while you’re making it and indulging in it, and it should also leave you better than it found you,” she says. “All the recipes are easy and fun to make, nourishing to the body, and calming on a biological level.”

Courtesy of Moon Juice

From Reishi Granola to Eleuthero Cookies, Bacon developed all the recipes herself, which means she knows her way around a kitchen, from the best appliances to the cutting board she can’t get enough of. We tapped the author and Moon Juice founder for all of her cooking essentials. Here’s what she shared with us.

Photography by Nastassia Brückin

Single-Use Kitchen Item That’s Actually Worth It

Get yourself a proper chef’s knife. I’ve had my Shun for 17 years. I worked in commercial kitchens with it and now use it daily at home.

Best Kitchen Organizer

I use Weck jars for everything, from adaptogens to leftovers.

Kitchen Appliance I Can’t Live Without

I think this is how some people feel about cars. I’m so into the motor and the performance, and I’ve used it almost every day for 15 years. More than smoothies (even though it makes the perfect thick milkshake), I use it to make hot lattes spiked with adaptogens. It also whips an impressive amount of air into a latte for foamy perfection. 

Gadget That I Keep Out on the Counter Because It’s Pretty

I can make two shots at a time in this most handsome cat’s-eye green appliance. 

The Best Baking Sheet

It’s a beautiful blue for your eyes to feast upon.

Photography by Nastassia Brückin

Whisk That Saves My Wrists

I’ve put many hours into whisking, whether it’s 8 quarts of mayonnaise (from my restaurant kitchen days) or an impromptu batch of raw whipped cream for a few at home. The wooden handle in my hand and the length of the whisk just feels right! Side tip for the raw whipped cream: It makes a perfect after-dinner moment with fruit, and whatever is left over is an incredible cloud in your coffee the next morning. 

My Favorite Popsicle Molds

This is the Popsicle you dream of! These are nostalgic and paddle shaped to cover your whole tongue, and lend a different flavor experience from the thinner pop molds out there.

Museum-Worthy Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are an investment, like sheets or towels. I spend so much of my daily life staring down at one, so I found a board that is a piece of art.

Baking Dish I Use on Repeat

I pretty much roast everything in cast iron, but there are a few things I love to do in this glass dish: tomato confit, a stone fruit or berry cobbler, and braised leeks. They just taste better in glass.

Frying Pan That Gets the Most Play in My House

Get yourself the biggest one your oven will hold and make a lifetime commitment to each other. I cherish mine for the golden crust it can make on any vegetable.

Photography by Nastassia Brückin

Where I Get All My Spices

Most of my spices come from Banyan Botanicals and Mountain Rose Herbs

Shoes I Wear in the Kitchen

I never wear shoes in the house kitchen, but always Dasko clogs in the commercial kitchen.

My Preferred Cooking Jams

Rogov and Megapuss for cooking tunes. We also have these new speakers called Oda that play live-feed background noise from natural places and have live performances. It’s always on!

My Favorite Kitchen Decor

We have a beautiful painting from our dearest friend, artist Patricia Iglesias Peco.