Published on June 25, 2018

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Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Sunscreen—love or hate it, we really do all need to use it. If you fall into the hater category, let me introduce you to one of my favorite new products: Volition’s Prismatic Luminizing Shield SPF 50 ($35), an option that will make you majorly glow as it protects you from the sun.

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Photography by Volition

Volition is already a unique brand in itself, as it co-creates products with its community of users; if you’ve got a really brilliant, once-in-a-lifetime idea, they can help you create it. This is how the Prismatic sunscreen came to be. Aja, a beauty editor thought, “What if my SPF performed without all the things we hate about sunscreen?” She tapped into Volition’s lab expertise and co-created a product that was thought to be impossible: no white-cast, no greasy finish, no odor, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and noncomedogenic. It is the ultimate sunscreen for all the SPF haters.

But you’re really going to love this product because of what it will do for your skin, specifically the hydrating glow you’ll be sporting all day long thanks to the natural pearlescent finish from micro-fine pearlized powder, which also minimizes the appearance of pores. The mix also adds in sodium hyaluronate, which delivers a moisture surge and an instant plumping effect.

The glow is one of the main reasons I love this product; it looks like you applied a fancy prismatic primer on beforehand. Some days I’ll go entirely without makeup after applying it because my skin looks that great. It’s also incredibly moisturizing; you might even be able to skip your lightweight moisturizer in place of this during the humid summer months.

I’m a big fan of Korean skincare sunscreens, because not only do they provide superior sun protection, but they also tend to have a thin, runny texture that dries quickly on the skin to a matte finish. The Prismatic mix works just like that, with a lightweight texture and a satin, matte finish.

It’s so good that the sunscreen, which launched earlier this year, has already sold out six times and has finally come back in stock on Sephora’s site.

“It is not just good for a sunscreen, it is a great beauty product that stands on its own,” says Brandy Hoffman, co-founder of Volition. “It doesn’t feel like you’re applying a thick, gross layer of SPF on, but rather a thin, luminizing glow (that happens to have SPF in it). People were attracted to the idea that ‘Hey, sunscreen doesn’t have to suck,’ which is most likely a big contributing factor of why we can’t keep it in stock! Definitely a good problem to have.”

Plus, this is both a mineral and chemical sunscreen, which is great. Mineral is generally thought by most dermatologists as superior in protection and safety to chemical sunscreen. But, usually with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide protection, it comes with a white-cast that is impossibly frustrating for darker skin tones. This mix is so finely blended that it can disappear on every skin color. One commenter on Sephora raved, saying, “I have dark, ebony skin (and proud of it). Tried so many products. I found it absorbs right in and leaves just a hint of shimmer. I did notice it works even even better after I moisturize.”

Happy Summering, and glow on, girl.

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