Published on May 20, 2019

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Courtesy of Versed

There are approximately, give or take, 4,203,303,801 skincare brands on the market right now, which can cause a lot of confusion for consumers. There’s one new brand that’s hoping to cut through all that noise though, all in the name of simplifying.

People are confused by skincare, and also have sticker shock with a lot of the expert-favored options out there,” says Katherine Power, co-founder and CEO of Clique Brands (which is the parent company to Who What Wear). “Consumers are becoming more mindful about what they’re putting on their skin and in their bodies, but clean, results-driven products are just not within reach for the majority of shoppers who still buy their skincare at drugstores.”

Cue Versed, the under $20 line that utilized insights from Clique’s 16 million users to create 19 products to make skincare easy, effective and accessible for all. Whether you’re newer to developing a skincare routine or a seasoned project junkie, Versed is hoping to take over the market, not unlike another millennial-focused brand out there, Glossier. Just as the Glossier community has helped sprout new products from their feedback, Versed is taking cues from their users. “Our community also heavily figures in, providing feedback on everything from formula performance to pricing,” says Power.

Impressively, low cost does not equate with low quality for the brand. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated to EU standards (aka without 1,300 common toxins, and with no added colors, dyes, or fragrances). Under $20 was just as vital to the brand’s identity as effectiveness, says Power. “We are very focused on making good skin and clean products accessible for people everywhere,” she says. “We invest in using research-backed ingredients at levels proven to benefit your skin, and cut back on many of the conventional cost drivers, like custom componentry and celebrity endorsements.”

And ease of use is important for Versed, too: Each product is coded with icons to easily guide consumers to the right products for their skincare needs, helping to target dullness, dryness, aging, or problem skin. “We felt there was a big opportunity to make navigating skincare products easier for people,” says Power. “On every product, we’ve also made answers to the most top-of-mind questions very easy to find, things like how much of a product to use and how to layer it with the rest of your regimen.” The Versed site also features something called a “Skin Decoder”, which helps you zero in on the products that’ll fit beautifully with your specific skincare needs. Consider it your at-home beauty editor, which gives you usage advice, cheat sheets of sorts, and customizes your regimen.

Aesthetically, she cute. But she’s not just for looks, Versed created the packaging to be recyclable and made of sustainably-sourced materials. They hope that by recycling and reusing the packaging at home, they’ll be able to eliminate over 31,000 pounds of waste in landfills.

Not sure where to start (or want them all)? Power has a suggestion. “I love The Shortcut: Overnight Facial Peel,” she says. “My skin is very sensitive and can’t tolerate most retinol products. This product does a lot of the same things a retinol would do and leaves my skin baby soft in the morning. The package says to use two-to-three times a week, but I’ve bumped that up to almost every night.”

The line launched on May 19 exclusively on the Versed site and at Target stores and online.

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