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If you were to Slack Team Domino about their favorite cutting boards (hey, we’re nerds about this kind of thing), you’d get a string of enthusiastic replies surrounding one product: Material’s (Mini) ReBoard, a loose-leaf–size cutting board made from recycled plastic and sugarcane.

It’s so handy when I’m cooking for one,” says Lindsey Mather, our editorial director, home. 

“I have three cutting boards, and at least one is in the dishwasher at all times because they’re in constant use,” says Julia Stevens, our associate style editor. 

“I love the Mini so much that when my husband accidentally ruined it, I ordered two new ones (in different colors!) because we use them so often,” says Andie Diemer, our deputy photo editor. 

So is it any surprise that it’s one of the brand’s best-selling items of all time? And imagine our glee when we found out that starting today Material is launching its first-ever semiannual sale, in which Mini cutting boards are now 20 percent off, along with six other popular picks: The Iconics, The Trio of Knives, The Coated Pan, The Sauté Pan, The Sauce Pot, and the full-size ReBoard

Courtesy of Material

The sale lasts for only two days, but that’s plenty of time to restock your kitchen like a Domino editor. And speaking of, I have the Mini in Pink Salt, and my coworkers are right: This thing’s a total workhorse. Now excuse me while I pop it in the dishwasher so I can put it to work again tomorrow. 

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Pink Salt Mini reBoard, Material ($25)