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Visiting a person’s workspace is like taking a peek inside their brain. Whether it’s at home or in an art studio, Where I Work explores where creative people do all of their, well, creating—so that you can steal their on-the-clock style. 

Name: Megan West 

Occupation: Head of Creative Studio and Brand, Domino 

Where I work: At my home office in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

How I start my workday: Before I dive straight into a screen, I try to carve out one activity that grounds me for the day. This ranges from taking my dog for a walk to practicing yoga or piano or reading a section of the New York Times while eating breakfast. I’ve found it’s a small way to create a bit of separation from one day to the next. After this, I pour a cup of coffee and listen to NPR’s Up First while carving out my list of priorities for the day. I’m my most creative in the mornings, so I like to get some focused work done early before my daily meetings start. 

How I transition out of work: Once my day has wrapped, I tidy my office and rewrite my to-do list. It makes the next morning easier by starting with a clean slate. I then take a shower and change clothes. It’s a ritual I’ve kept while working from home because it’s therapeutic for me to wash the day away. I also like to light a scent; I’m currently loving these Armenia Papers and every candle from Flamingo Estate

Three words that describe my space: Selina Kyle pink.

The most important thing in my office: My little shadow, Gemma. She’s my pup, who sadly would not pose for the camera for this shoot (she’s afraid of the equipment), but she typically stays close all day. The best coworker I’ve ever had. 

What’s on the walls: Quite literally, Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink. I’ve drenched the room in the shade, including the trim, ceiling, windowsill, built-in shelves—and even painted a planter that color. It feels cavernous yet soothing, and I love how it changes with the light throughout the day. 

Current creative fuel: I love to collect art books, but if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind, so I built gallery shelves to house the books, art, and items that are currently inspiring me. A moving library of sorts—I can turn to anything on the shelves in 15 seconds to thumb through and restyle as often as I like. 

What I turn to when I’m stuck: The outdoors is the best recipe for stagnation for me. If I hit a roadblock, it typically means that I’ve been in front of the computer for too long without resting my eyes on something else. I’ve found a quick walk to check in on my garden, observing the growth and colors of nature, helps get me out of my head and into my body. 

How I stay organized: Everything has a home. Years ago I used to travel a lot for work and learned that if you put an object in its home (the same place) every time, you won’t lose it. I also love a tray or vessel to contain similar items and for easy cleaning.

Favorite pen: I buy Pilot Precise V7 fine rolling ball black pens in bulk at my local art supply store. They’re affordable, and I love the way they write without bleeding ink. 

Best notebook: I don’t want my notebook to stress me out, so I love the simplicity of Midori MD notebooks and the way they’re made. I started hand-painting the cover of my notebooks a while back, and these are a great blank canvas. I also use Strathmore 11-by-14-inch sketch pads to brainstorm and sketch out bigger projects and photo/video shoot ideas. I like having a big scale of paper to go messy and wide with ideas before refining. 

Technology I can’t live without: This Setago Touch Lamp offers the best glow at three different levels of light. It’s great for finishing up a few things at night when overhead light is jarring to the eyes.

Desk chair that I could (and do) spend hours in: I scored a vintage Knoll Executive chair off Craigslist and recovered it at Olek Restoration using HBF Textile’s Flirt fabric. I love the way the citron color pops against the dusty pink walls. The fabric is nubby and made of linen, cotton, bamboo, and wool, so it’s soft and cozy, too. 

How I fight the 3 p.m. slump: I take a few minutes to stand up and stretch, light some palo santo, and look at some personal memories—pictures of people I love and colorful inspiration on my mood board can do wonders. 

Ideal office snack: There’s a strong chance I’m made of more than 25 percent Bjorn Qorn and Gerolsteiner mineral water.

Preferred soundtrack: When I’m working on set, I’m always playing Moby’s Play & Play: B Sides for its calm energy. When I’m working from home and need to get into a groove, I turn to piano—a lot of Philip Glass, so I don’t sing along.

West’s Must-Haves