Katie Sturino isn’t one for sticking to the status quo. Her approach to design is just as unfiltered and unapologetic as her approach to business. Alongside running Megababe, her body-positive and clean beauty brand, and using her social media platforms to advocate for size inclusivity, Sturino recently tackled her latest project: a Palm Beach apartment that, like her wardrobe, is filled with plenty of prints and pastels.

“We have the equivalent of a king-and-a-half-size bed in the form of a pink couch in the middle of the room. Most people walk in and they’re like, ‘Your room is a whole pink couch.’ And I’m like, ‘It’s amazing.’ Maybe I’m a rebel. I have a unique sense of design that I don’t think everyone jibes with,” Sturino tells Domino deputy editor Julie Vadnal in the second episode of Design Time: The Rebellious Ones (out now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). 

In the episode, Sturino details the “no-demo reno” approach she took to reimagine her space, plus plenty of design hacks and hot takes. She also answered a few Never Have I Ever questions, and her responses did not disappoint. Here’s a sneak peek.


Never have I ever…shopped at HomeGoods.

I have shopped at HomeGoods. HomeGoods is amazing. I think you can get great pillows there.

Never have I ever…cried while building IKEA furniture.

I’ve never built IKEA furniture. I’m not good at it. I just recognize my limits and say, “Someone else knows how to do this.”


Never have I ever…looked up a friend’s rent or house price on StreetEasy or Zillow.

If you send me your address to send you some Megababe, I am looking up your house. I look up everyone.