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Courteney Cox has no shame admitting some of Monica Geller’s traits rubbed off on her after 10 years of playing the obsessively tidy character. In a recent media preview, we learned Cox is as fixated on cleanliness and aesthetics in her Malibu residence as her Friends counterpart was. And when it comes to bringing that energy home, creating an impactful “scentscape” is at the top of her priority list. 

“When you walk into someone’s house, you can go, ‘Oh, that’s a weird smell’ or ‘Oh, this is so nice!’” the actor says. In other words, aroma sets the tone for a good first impression. It’s why she launched her home-care brand, Homecourt, with the intent of combining powerful nontoxic detergents with fine fragrances. The line launched earlier this year with five “beauty products for the home”—a surface cleaner, hand lotion, hand soap, dish soap, and candle—that come in four highly concentrated scents. Cox gave us the rundown on exactly what she prefers to whiff in each of her rooms and why. 

While her signature scent, CeCe, is a mainstay in her living spaces (she developed this one herself from a top-secret mixture of essential oils and perfumes), Cox’s current obsession is Cipres Mint. It’s a fresh fragrance of green herbs steeped in sugar that smells like you’ve wandered into a Moroccan teahouse, and it’s ideal for freshening up a guest bathroom. ”It’s not antiseptic at all, as people might think,” she says. “It’s a beautifully layered scent.” Neroli Leaf is another go-to because, as she points out, “everyone loves orange blossom,” and as a bonus, the herby-citrusy combo helps mask less desirable odors. 

And if what you really want is a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, Cox reveals that Steeped Rose is the one to spray, pump, or light up for a soft but not super-sweet scent. It’s not at all powdery (an aroma the founder says she can’t stand) and authentically emulates the floral because it’s made from upcycled blooms and rose water. Think of it as a more practical way to treat yourself to a rose-petals-on-the-bed ambiance.