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Not so long ago, I walked into a friend’s apartment and was hit with the smell of, well, calm. I inhaled deeply, acknowledging notes of citrus and what I can only describe as that good forest scent. So I obviously asked what candle she was burning. I was shocked—shocked!—to learn that it wasn’t a candle at all, but her favorite all-purpose cleaner. 

And that’s how I got introduced to the olfactory love of my life, aka Saint Olio’s Cypress Aromatic Cleaner. The does-it-all formula combines a blend of essential oils with organic cleaning agents, and it comes in a gorgeous reusable bottle—a semitransparent amber color affixed with a gold label—that won’t have you hastily stowing it away under the sink when company comes over. So much better than a bottle of Lysol.

This particular fragrance is a seasonal limited edition, and I like how my nose doesn’t get too used to the aroma before the next scent ships. But if the availability of a finite supply makes you anxious, Saint Olio has three other varieties available year-round: Citron, a blend of grapefruit, lemongrass, and wild orange; Neroli, a blend of geranium, neroli, and rose; and Sitka, a blend of juniper, spruce, and sweet orange. 

And though the fragrance is the selling point for me, this stuff also just works. There hasn’t been a spill or smudge—on my dining table after messy meals or on my dusty windowsills—that it can’t take on in all the years I’ve been using it. Now when people walk into my apartment, they get to be the ones intoxicated by my new signature scent.  

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Limited Edition Aromatic Cleaner and Cleaner Concentrate, Saint Olio ($28)

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