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Beauty is an industry that’s been pretty regimented, categorical, and systemic. Meaning, if you were pregnant, you used pregnancy products. If you weren’t, you didn’t. If you were a man, you didn’t use products unless they were geared towards men. Things seemed standardized based on your gender, body type, stage in life, and beyond. But recently—thankfully—it feels like things are loosening up, and the beauty industry is adopting a more color-outside-the-lines approach.

And with this openness comes the discovering of my new favorite line of products—from a pregnancy brand. I should preface by saying I’m not pregnant, and have never been, so the idea of using a pregnancy skincare lined, geared towards alleviating and assisting in common pregnancy woes and symptoms, might seem a little strange.

But I did a double take when first testing out Hatch’s beauty line, which launched in January.

The line of eight products is, literally, a head-to-toe experience, from hair treatments and nipple and lip creams to belly sheet masks and oils, to aromatherapy roll-ons (one each for stress, nausea, and awakening) and feet cooling cream.

How and why do I love this brand, even when I’m not growing a tiny human inside of me? Because it is firstly, very clean, and they’re very transparent about what does go into each product. If it’s good enough to use while pregnant, it seems good enough to use any damn time you please.

Plus, they are really meant to address some natural but some serious woes, so the products work. Sure, I don’t have swollen legs and feet from being pregnant, but I do have swollen legs and feet from walking around New York City all day in 98-degree heat and extreme humidity. And that cooling Down, Girl foot cream ($42) works all the same.

Yeah, I don’t have chapped nipples from breastfeeding, but I do have chapped lips from talking and chugging water all day, and the Nipple + Lip Balm ($28) works brilliantly. This balm is my very favorite product, actually. Not only does it heal lips, and actually stays on, it somehow has the sheen like a lip gloss, but not the sticky feeling. It looks like shiny lip gloss, but heals like a lip treatment, while feeling like a thinner Vaseline—it’s magic.

Maybe I don’t have belly with stretch marks, but I do have stretch marks elsewhere, and I also regularly use body oil, so the Belly Stretch Mark Oil ($58) is fabulous. It’s a fast-absorbing, dry body oil that calms inflammation, relieves itching, and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. I need all of those things sans pregnancy.

It also has a packaging design that I’d like to plead all other companies to adopt ASAP—it has a very long dropper, which can grab a ton of product in one swoop, making the whole process a lot faster than those tiny droppers that you have to squeeze several (too many) times to get the proper amount to cover your body.

Bravo, Hatch, for making a fan of a pregnancy brand, out of a non-pregnant person like me.