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What Monica Geller’s ’90s Purple Bathroom Would Look Like With a Japandi Twist

Goodbye, floral shower curtain. Hello, soaking tub.
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Bathrooms have come a long way since the 1990s. Remember Monica Geller’s (played by Courteney Cox) space from Friends? We all know the iconic purple front door to the famous TV apartment, but lest we forget, the bathroom walls were deep violet. To top it off, a floral shower curtain framed the claw-foot tub, and the sliver of space around the white pedestal sink was her primary storage spot. So what would the New York City bathroom look like in 2021? We imagine, given Monica’s clean-freak tendencies and attention to detail, that she’d opt for a Japandi-style renovation—and QS Supplies showed us just how it would work. 

The U.K. bathroom brand rendered a replica of the Friends bathroom and virtually redesigned it using materials and colors that define the trending style (it’s a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian references, like clean, modern lines; light neutrals; and natural materials). Here are some of the key swaps that took the space from dated to zen. 

The Fluted Glass Door

The problem with most teeny city apartment bathrooms is the lack of light. This revamped version shows how to steal it from another space with a semitransparent wall. But unless you want to make guests uncomfortable, we suggest only trying this solution off of a bedroom. 

The Slatted Accent Wall

Japandi’s take on texture comes in the form of wood detailing. Replicate this tub wall on the cheap with tambour panels

The Storage Mirror

So you can’t carve a recessed medicine cabinet into the wall? Don’t ditch the idea of convenient storage altogether. This round mirror with a bisecting shelf is as stylish as it is practical. (Psst: CB2 and Target sell double-duty options.)

The Soaking Tub

Stepping down and over a white porcelain tub is a slipping hazard, but with this upgrade, taking a bubble bath (we’re looking at you, Chandler) is totally safe. There’s even a ledge built in for Monica’s candle collection.

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