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Last year, when Courteney Cox released a special-edition Balsam Fireplace candle for Homecourt, it quickly sold out. So this year, she’s getting ahead of the rush and releasing the scent in every category of her line: hand wash, hand cream, surface cleaner, dish soap, and room deodorant

Courtesy of Homecourt

“I really do keep one in my living room,” she says of the candle, an olfactory mix of evergreen woods, juniper berry, and cardamom. “It’s near the fireplace so I can pretend that I’m smelling a real fire, even though it’s too hot [outside to light one].” Which also means it’s a solid tree replacement if you’re not one to shell out for the real thing. Cox, however, does get a tree and says that the holidays are the exception to her mostly minimalist style. “I’m not going to flock my tree—let’s be clear—but I do like some colored lights and a lot of ornaments that just remind me of being a kid. It’s an OTT version of classic Christmas.”

Courtesy of Homecourt

When it comes to wrapping the perfect gift, she says “it’s all about the tape. You can’t use the wide one or the ones that are opaque. You have to find a very thin, very clear tape.” That way, you won’t be able to see it against the paper. (Her favorite combo is black paper with raffia ribbon.) For extra credit: “If you can be the kind of person who puts the tape underneath [the fold], that would be classic.” And yes, she says Homecourt makes an ideal gift, wink, wink. 

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Balsam Fireplace Complete Collection, Homecourt ($195)