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If you want to feel calm the moment you get home, it all starts at the front door—and for most people, that’s technically the garage door. Tidying up this space, just as you would any other interior room in your house, is a recipe for zen, but the gear you need to make it happen is a little different than what you’d use elsewhere. Wire shelves for surplus paper towels, moisture-resistant steel cabinets for tools, hook-clad slatted walls for mounting bikes—these are some of the essentials you need to get your garage in order. And fortunately, NewAge Products is offering major deals on many of these systems right now. 

Through September 27, you can enjoy big discounts on many of the NewAge Products pieces that Lowe’s carries, like $880 off the Bold Series 10-Cabinet Steel Garage Storage System and $150 off the 80-inch Silver PVC Multipurpose Wall Panel. Additionally, you can take an extra 10% off at checkout on all the brand’s pieces through September 11 on newageproducts.com. Because organizing the garage isn’t as intuitive as sprucing up a junk drawer, we asked three professional organizers what they would buy from the sale. 

A Slim Locker Dedicated to the Miscellaneous

We all have items lying around in our garage like sports equipment, holiday decorations, tools, and gardening materials. Vertical shelves that are tall and deep are extremely helpful for storing them. This locker is very versatile in what it can store, and I like that it doesn’t take up too much space since it is upright and uses the height of a garage and not as much wall area. Rachel Rosenthal, founder, Rachel & Co.

A Ceiling Rack for Bulky Things

In nearly every garage I organize, or even help design, space ends up being limited. I love utilizing every square inch in smart ways and that includes the ceiling. Ceiling racks are a fantastic way to free up precious floor or cabinet space and put items such as holiday decor or bulky suitcases up where they won’t be hogging so much space. Also, these racks come with accessories, so you can hang things like bike helmets, tennis rackets, and even looped extension cords. Holly Blakey, founder, Breathing Room

A Station for the DIYer

The two pieces I would be most interested in buying for garage organization are the Pro Series 42-inch multiuse locker (you get shelving that you can adjust and add bins to the shelves) and the Bold Series Project Centre, which has a lot of drawers for small hand tools and also gives a working top for those weekend projects. Michele Vig, founder, Neat Little Nest

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