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My affinity for headscarves started as an early-aughts style statement and evolved into a necessity as I started embracing my natural hair. These pieces have also become my favorite souvenirs because they’re easy to pack and I know they’ll actually be used. And yet: All these years of collecting have left me with an unruly pile that never seems to find a real home in my place. 

From classic Western bandanas and silky designer scarves to vintage wraps and athletic headbands, I lost count at 60-something, and it feels like it’s taken that many years to figure out a smart way to store them. In one very optimistic attempt, I Marie Kondo’ed them into little squares that I lined up in my dresser. That didn’t last 24 hours. I also tried those circular scarf hangers, which worked with the longer pieces for a while, but my smaller, silkier options would never stay put. I had all but given up until a window-measuring mishap led me to a game-changing closet hack. 

I needed a quick fix for my high-water drapes, so I turned to Amazon, hoping an order of clip-on curtain rings could make up for the length. It was there, in the reviews, that I stumbled upon a treasure trove of tactics for hanging awkwardly sized headgear. From DIY hat racks to rows of baby shoes, I instantly knew this was the solution to my scarf problem. I put one order in my cart for my windows and another for the closet trick I was about to try. As fate would have it, I was also in the process of reworking my walk-in shelving with an L-shaped garment rack, and instead of filling both sides with clothes, I reserved a rod just for the rings. Once I slid them on and screwed the pole back into place, I started clipping scarves by their corners, one by one (then two by two when I ran out of empty clips), and I couldn’t help but grin at the end result. Finally, all my wraps were in one spot, easily visible, and best of all, so much simpler to actually keep organized. 

The beauty of this trick is that it can work almost anywhere you’re able to install a bar—as long as you can remove it with enough room to slide on your choice of rings. The clips allow you to quickly hang and remove whatever you decide to use them for. In the depths of more than 9,000 positive ratings, I found stacks of baseball caps, tangles of suspenders, and a bounty of bows, neatly mounted on walls, over doors, or in closets like mine. If only I could give these reviews a 5-star rating.