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The reusable silicone bags by Stasher featured in this story are currently up to 30% off for Amazon’s (mini) Prime Day event—which is set to run October 11 and 12. For more Domino-vetted deals, check out our editors’ guide to shopping the surprise sale here.

I can still remember the day I discovered my first Stasher bag. It came as part of a press gift—I think it held beauty products; that part is fuzzy—and I can clearly recall the smooth feel of the silicone in my hands. The transparent aqua color that, in the right light, resembled sea glass. The promise that it would replace my Ziploc bags for life. It was a moment, truly. And then I put it in a drawer and didn’t look at it for months. 

Red Stasher Bag
Quart Bag, Stasher ($11 was $13)

But when I had a cross-country trip coming up and was out of single-use plastic baggies, I reached for my gifted Stasher to haul my under-3.4-ounce toiletries. Even after a five-hour flight and a shampoo leak, my carry-on remained dry. And let me tell you: I was converted for life. 

Now I use them for nearly everything, and I haven’t bought plastic bags in years. Unfinished cheese blocks? Throw them in a Stasher. Half an onion? Zip it up. On-the-go snacks like nuts and dried fruit? Easy-peasy. They’ve transformed my pantry and fridge into organized havens. 

Thanks to the variety of sizes, I’ve stored party supplies and my rainbow’s worth of Le Pens in them during a move. The Internet even tells me you can sous vide with a Stasher. And when I’m done, I just throw them in the dishwasher on the top rack.

This time around for Amazon’s second Prime Day, when they’re 30% off from now until October 12, I’m obviously going to add to my collection. I’ve had my eye on the tiniest pocket-size one for storing my vitamins while I’m on vacation, and the go bag for clipping to my farmers’ market tote so that any damp veggies don’t touch my leather wallet. And, of course, now that I’m traveling again, I’ll need more of the original sandwich and quartz bags, the ones that started my obsession in the first place.