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If you thought Prime Day 2022 ended with July’s 48-hour spree, then think again. The mega e-tailer just hit us with its Amazon Prime Early Access Sale—or what we’re dubbing Mini Prime Day. What really took us by surprise, however, is the caliber of deals included in this promotional sequel, which, according to our editors, is even better than the first. Taking place October 11 and 12, the second sale features a barrage of excellent discounts exclusive to Prime members. Only this time around, the markdowns verge beyond the expected tech devices and household staples into the realm of giftable goods and premium brands.

Below, consult our editor-approved list of the best deals from the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. Highlights include up to 40% off Solo stoves, fancy Outdoor Fellow candles, sleek indoor gardens from Modern Sprout, boulcé swivel chairs, Casper’s best-selling pillows, Molekule air purifiers, and much more. (Reminder: All deals are exclusive to Amazon Prime members, so ensure you’re logged into your account to score the savings!)

Up to 25% Off Outdoor Fellow Candles

Campire Candle
Campfire Scented Candle, Outdoor Fellow ($24 was $32)

When it comes to cult scents, not many can hold a flame to Diptyque’s Feu de Bois, one of the best candles, according to Domino editors (and, of course, John Mayer). If you love the woodsy, smoky scent but the $72 price tag not so much, Outdoor Fellow’s Campfire is a smell-a-like steal at less than half the price. And during Amazon Prime Day, the deal is made even sweeter when you slap on an $8 discount—and it’s applicable to any of the 11 other fragrances. We love that this candle brand refuses to tunnel when lit, as well as the estimated 40-plus hours of burn time.

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Up to 30% Off Casper Pillows

Original Pillow, Casper ($45 was $65)

Our favorite Casper pillows aren’t all memory foam. There are down, hybrid, and microfiber down-alternative options (and about 11 products total to choose from the brand’s Amazon storefront). While only the single standard and king sizes are 30% off as opposed to the pack of two, purchasing a pair while discounted during Amazon’s Early Access Sale is still less than the cost of the sold set.

Shop more Amazon deals on pillows.

Up to 20% Off Towel Warmers

White and bamboo towel warmer
Towel Warmer, Keenray Store ($117 was $147)

Save for a full renovation, towel warmers are one of the best fixes for amping up cozy elegance inside a bathroom. They can run pricey, however, so discovering a deal on the genius device is a boon. This 20% off bucket style with extra-large load capacity—meaning it can fit oversize bath towels, robes, and even blankets—boasts number-one best-seller status on Amazon. Toting more than 2,000 reviews and a 4.5-out-of-5-star rating, the overall consensus from owners of this warming device is that it’s akin to having their own luxury spa at home.

Shop more Amazon deals on towel warmers.

Up to 54% Off Armen Living Dining Chairs

Green and Walnut Dining Chair from Armen Living
Jaguar Dining Chair, Armen Living ($94 was $200)

If you live in a small space and happen to be taking most of your work calls from home, you likely need a chair that suits meetings and meals—and that’s why our home editor, Lydia Geisel, was so keen on this upholstered walnut number. “No arms means it soaks up less physical and visual space and can easily pull double duty elsewhere—at a kitchen table or even in a corner as a catchall for clothes and books,” she previously told us when tasked with finding the best desk chairs. Plus the padded seat is far more comfortable than an all-wood option. It’s more than 50% (!) off right now, so why not buy two?

Shop more Amazon deals on dining chairs.

Up to 54% Off Select Method Products

6-Pack Citrus Grove Dish Soap, Method ($16 was $36)

Domino editors love Method, but we love a deal even more, especially when it’s on one of our favorite dish soaps. While already incredibly affordable, you can bundle and save by getting a six-pack of the citrus grove scent (a sweet combo of mandarin blended with lemon, lime, and lily) for just $16. The amount should last you for months, since the thick consistency means you don’t have to use a lot (a drop just about cleans an entire pot). Keep the rest within close reach underneath the kitchen sink and the one in use next to the faucet—its sleek design can stand alone on your countertop, something most budget-friendly dish soaps certainly can’t do.

Shop more Amazon deals on Method soaps.

Up to 30% Off Christopher Knight Home Recliners

Gray upholstered tufted recliner
Macedonia Mid Century Modern Recliner, GDFStudio ($227 was $360)

Our idea of self-care often involves grabbing a paperback from a towering to-read list and sinking into one of the best reading chairs. Nearly 2,000 past purchasers have sung this tufted recliner’s praises for being slim, unassuming, and comfortable. No matter if you prefer to sprawl out or perch on elbows when curling up with a good book, this seat will let you adjust from 120 to 150 degrees.

Shop more Amazon deals on reading chairs.

Up to 35% Off Molekule Air Purifiers

Silo of Molekule Air Mini
Air Mini+, Molekule ($324 was $400)

We don’t often see sales on Molekule air purifiers exceed 20%, but the Prime Early Access Sale appears to be the exception. The Air Mini+—compact enough to fit on nightstands and quiet enough to not disturb sleep—is normally a pretty pricey $499, but it’s 35% off over the two-day period. Plop it on auto mode and it’ll filter out everything from stinky or smoky weeknight meals and viruses to bacteria (hello, flu and cold season!) and, of course, pollen. For more control, or if you need to scrub a room with more square footage, upgrade to the Pro (it’s also on sale at $400 off). The app can show you four weeks’ worth of pollutants so you can figure out just what exactly is making you stuffy. It’s that sort of data and blends-in-with-any-decor-style exterior that we and past purchasers note make the splurge worth it. 

Shop more Amazon deals on air purifiers.

Up to 20% Off Modern Sprout Grow Frames

Smart Landscape Grow Frame, Modern Sprout ($191 was $239)

Even those of us capable of keeping our houseplants content have struggled to maintain batches of parsley, basil, and thyme, especially in the winter months when sunshine is hard to come by. One Domino writer’s solution? Modern Sprout’s grow frames. These sleek, modern planters will transform your mini garden into a work of art—and they’re all currently 20% off during Amazon Prime Day (just apply the coupon!). Hang yours on the wall above a nearby outlet, plug it in, and watch your greenery thrive beneath the LED grow lights. 

Shop more Amazon deals on Modern Sprout.

Up to 34% Off Select Yeti Ramblers 

Copper Insulated Yeti Rambler Mug
Rambler Mug, Yeti ($21 was $30)

Forget tumblers or canteens—one of our favorite ways to travel via car with coffee in hand (and keep the contents at just the right temp) is with an insulated mug. We love being able to grip onto a handle while sipping our cup of joe and not worry about it spilling after driving over a pothole or making a sharp turn. Yeti’s magnetic slider top is key to this, and it’s one of the very few items from the brand on sale during Amazon Prime Day, along with the Rambler colster can and lowball. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Shop more Amazon deals on Yeti drinkware.

Up to 14% Off Select Evolur Gliders

Gray Nursery Glider
Raleigh Glider Swivel, Evolur ($299 was $350)

Already our favorite value pick for the best nursery gliders, this budget-friendly buy is now less than $300. It comes in eight muted hues—though not all are included in the 14% discount—and is easy to clean. Plus its discreet side pockets mean you can keep your child’s bedtime books or a stash of mealtime magazines close by. No wonder it’s an Amazon best-seller.

Shop more Amazon deals on nursery gliders.

23% Off Google Nest Thermostats

Google Nest Thermostat showing 70 degree indoor temperature
Nest Theromstat, Google ($99 was $129)

Switching to a smart thermostat is one of the quickest ways to start lowering your energy bills. The 23% off Google Nest Thermostat is one of the main players on the market and the number-one best-seller in programmable thermostats on Amazon. It’s also a pretty easy install since it’s compatible with a majority of HVAC systems and available with a programmable Wi-Fi or C-wire option. The Nest comes in four trim colors—charcoal, fog, sand, and snow—and with a limited warranty.

Shop more Amazon deals on smart thermostats.

Up to 30% Off Verilux HappyLight

HappyLight LED Therapy Lamp, Verilux ($56 was $99)

Winter is coming, which means sunlight may soon be harder to come by. If you’re feeling bouts of seasonal mood swings coming on, we found Verilux’s HappyLight to be one of the best light therapy lamps around, and it’s $30 off. Small and square, this light won’t take up too much room, especially if you need to fit it on an already crowded desk for a swift pick-me-up or toss it into a bag while traveling. Reviewers love the three adjustable settings, a USB-C port that makes it easy to charge, and a hangable hook on the back. It might be even better than an afternoon cup of coffee.

Shop more Amazon deals on light therapy lamps.

Up to 20% Off Tuft & Needle Mattresses 

Tuft & Needle Mattress
Nod Hybrid Mattress, Tuft & Needle ($799 was $999)

Looking for a hybrid mattress that balances cushioning foam and bouncy springs? Tuft & Needle offerings are likely a good fit (and they definitely are if you’re a side sleeper). This is the sort of combination that responds to the curves of your body, relieving pressure points. If you need a cooling foundation, then this graphite version might be best suited to you. And yes, while most hybrid options nail these features, Tuft & Needle stands apart with its free shipping and returns; 100-night, risk-free sleep trial; and 10-year warranty. 

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Up to 30% Off Yeedi Vacuums 

White Yeedi Robot Vacuum and Mop
Vac 2 Pro, Yeedi ($350 was $450)

It’s shedding season, and one of the easiest ways to keep piles of fur from gathering in every room in your home is to enlist the help of a robot vacuum. Our assistant editor, Raven McMillan, has hardly any qualms with this upgraded mop-and-vac unit (her pup, Bansky, on the other hand, may share a different opinion). It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect—mapping, spot cleaning, scheduling, varying suction power—that tackle her apartment’s hardwood, tile, and medium-pile carpet. “It works pretty fast, too—my place is about 650 square feet and it’s done in about 40 minutes on average,” she notes. “I was also surprised by how clean the mopping function actually got the floors, as it only uses water; it definitely passed my wet paper towel version of the white-glove test! The mopping pad is washable, too, which I love.” 

Shop more Amazon deals on vacuums.

Up to 45% Off Select iRobot Vacuums

Roomba Robovac
j7 Roomba,, iRobot ($399 was $599)

But for a home where soft floor coverings abound, a regular robot vacuum will do just as nicely. And there’s no brand more synonymous with tech than Roomba. Our tested favorites include the j7, though there are plenty of iterations with varying levels of suction power—the newer s9, for instance, has 40 times the amount of suction power compared to the brand’s 600 series—and a few others with self-emptying bins (so you don’t have to worry about dealing with all that dust for a month’s time or more). 

Shop more Amazon deals on robot vacuums.

Up to 42% Off Sherpa Swivel Chairs

Barrel Swivel Chair, eLuxurySupply ($400 was $690)

In our ongoing hunt for the best bouclé-style seating with the most affordable price tags, we clocked this sloped-arm beauty hiding in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale selection. The sherpa swivel chair is crafted in the U.S. by a veteran-owned company and comes upholstered in a stain-resistant, 100% polyester fabric. With a compact frame that measures 31.5 inches high and 30 inches wide, it’s perfectly sized for adding cozy vibes to a small-space nook.

Shop more Amazon deals on sherpa swivel chairs.

Up to 30% Off Select Smart Samsung TVs 

Samsung Frame TV
75-Inch Frame TV, Samsung ($2,197 was $2,998)

We’ve seen homeowners go to great lengths to hide their living room televisions—including hanging a rug from a curtain rod. That’s why the Samsung Frame TV, which our deputy editor, Julie Vadnal, owns, rose to such prominence; customizable, beveled edges disguise your tech in plain sight with modern teakwood or antique brass. Even when not in use, you can choose from hundreds of art options (or add your own photo) in a matte-ified, glare-free setting that will truly make guests do a double take. 

Shop more Amazon deals on smart Samsung TVs.

Up to 30% Off on Select Solo Stove Firepits and Accessories

The Best Fire Pit Option Solo Stove Bonfire
Yukon Portable Fire Pit, Solo Stove ($315 was $450)

When it comes to the best smokeless firepits, Solo Stove comes out on top for versatility. And the portable Yukon unit—currently 30% off—is even more so. This one weighs in at just under 38 pounds, despite being one of the largest models you can purchase, and is still reasonable for touting along on camping trips or just to a new spot in the backyard. Add on the brand’s accessories, and you have an all-in-one entertaining solution.

Shop more Amazon deals on smokeless firepits.

Up to 20% Off Fireside Chairs

Fireside Chair, 1inchome ($599 was $749)

This year, the “shar-pei-like folds” of this classic lounge chair give you the trendy TOGO look for less (we’re talking hundreds compared to the $1,000-plus used original, or closer to $4,000 for something brand-new). The suede, ’70s-inspired seat from 1inchHome is currently $150 off in this rusty orange colorway during Amazon’s sale. Reviewers and past purchasers alike remark on its extra-plush and fluffy feel.

Shop more Amazon deals on lounge chairs.

Up to 30% Off Reusable Stasher Bags 

Blue Stasher Quart Reusable Silicone Bag
Quart Bag, Stasher ($16 was $19)

Kick your Ziploc bag habit to the curb with Stasher’s reusable silicone storage bags. No matter if you pack up your kid’s lunch box or hold leftovers in the fridge or freezer, these bags have been a game changer for deputy editor Julie Vadnal, who uses them for beyond food. She’s stowed everything from makeup to shampoo in hers, and has been eyeing the smaller pocket size to corral her vitamins when on vacation and the go bag for trips to the farmers’ market. Get your own starter pack or expand your collection with these same unique finds now, as almost all are up to 30% off. 

Shop more Amazon deals on reusable bags.

Up to 24% Off Ember Heated Coffee Mugs 

Rose Mug
Smart Mug 2, Ember ($143 was $179)

While the Ember mug promises to keep your beverage of choice warm down to the designated degree for hours, this $40 discount is only hot until tomorrow. The newest model—our favorite mug warmer overall, might we add—is worth the splurge if you simply can’t stand lukewarm coffee. Plus the latest range of metallic finishes is included to really sweeten the deal (the rose gold sports the greatest discount). 

Shop more Amazon deals on Ember mugs. 

Up to 20% Off the Pentair Rocean Reservoir

Countertop Water Purifier
Pentair Rocean Reservoir, Rocean Store ($199 was $250)

Our style editor, Julia Stevens, found this countertop water purifier to be better than Brita. It filters 76 contaminants, from mercury to benzene, and passed her personal taste test with flying colors. And it boasts a great sustainable angle, to boot. “The filter is natural coconut-shell carbon—yep, it’s literally made of coconut husks—the base is 40 percent recycled PET, and the packaging is recyclable,” Stevens previously wrote. “And keeping it on my countertop has made me avoid plastic water bottles more than ever.” If you’re hankering to do the same, you can now save $50 on the pricey machine. 

Shop more Amazon deals on water filters.

Up to 56% Off Lekue Ice Box

Ice Box
Ice Box, Lekue ($26 was $37)

Already an affordable solution to a messy, overflowing freezer situation, the Lekue Ice Box is $26 compared to its full-priced $37 during Amazon’s second Prime Day event (that is, if you go with the modern black colorway over the neutral white). This two-for-one solution is both an ice tray and ice box; pop the unique shapes into the bin that’s big enough to hold four trays’ worth of ice for easy access in between freezes, so you never have to wait to chill down a beverage. One thousand–plus positive reviews on Amazon second our own Domino-approved vetting process—it’s dishwasher safe, for those times you fill the open spaces with something other than water; the ice is easy to remove; and the box is chic and unassuming in appearance.

Shop more Amazon deals on ice trays. 

Up to 20% Off Tushy Bidets 

Tushy Bidet Seat
Ace Electric Bidet Seat, Tushy ($479 was $599)

While Tushy makes all sorts of attachments and accessories, the Ace Electric Bidet Seat Is likely the biggest bang for your buck, especially during Amazon’s Early Access Sale. Freelance writer Erin Scottberg went with the brand’s elongated version. At first skeptical about how it would work in her 110-year-old apartment bathroom, the attachment’s promise to provide a seat warmer outweighed the installation risks. And now that we’re nearly halfway through October, it’s a feature worth splurging on, though you needn’t spend as much over the next two days (when it’s $120 less).   

Shop more Amazon deals on bidets. 

Up to 37% Off DHP Sleeper Sofas

Amazon Prime Velvet Daybed
Franklin Mid Century Upholstered Daybed, DHP ($324 was $514)

One of the best sleeper sofas is also on sale during the Amazon Prime Day event. Sporting a discount of more than $200, this mid-century–style, upholstered daybed comes in velvet and linen and fits either a twin or full mattress. Reviewers mention assembly is pretty simple and seriously sturdy. It’s versatile enough for a guest bedroom or children’s room. 

Shop more Amazon deals on sleeper sofas.  

Up to 22% Off Aolemi Brass Handheld Shower

Brass Showerhead
Single Brass Handheld Shower, Aolemi ($149 was $189)

We were pretty excited when we found this affordable dupe of Jennifer Aniston’s industrial brass showerhead by Waterworks, and now we’re even more ecstatic to discover it’s $40 off. The wall-mounted set feels and looks far more expensive than it is, with multiple reviewers commenting it’s a great value. There’s a single- and double-handle option to choose between, but both are discounted. 

Shop more Amazon deals on handheld showerheads. 

Up to 30% Off Select Blueland Products

Set of Cleaners and Soap by Blueland
Clean Home Kit, Blueland ($28 was $40)

While we’re big fans of Blueland for everything, especially dishwasher detergent, it’s the multi-surface cleaner that happens to be a part of a bundled sale we’re eyeing. We found it to be the best all-purpose cleaner (powerful yet gentle formula, chic bottle design, sustainable packaging), and now you can get three more refillable Blueland cleaners for less than $30, a great way to get started on a refillable cleaning journey, especially if you haven’t jumped on the brand bandwagon yet.  

Shop more Amazon deals on eco-friendly cleaners

Up to 20% Off Christmas Tree Stands

Christmas Tree Stand, Tree Nest ($61 was $70)

Sure, Halloween hasn’t hit yet—but as the saying goes, the early bird gets the deal on the best Christmas tree stands. We found a few compelling discounts on Scandi-minimalist designs hiding within the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale pile. This 13% off editors’ pick boasts a 4.7-out-of-5-star rating for being simple, elegant, and sturdy.

Shop more Amazon deals on Christmas tree stands.

Up to 35% Off YnM Weighted Blankets

Gray Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket, YnM ($33 was $50)

There aren’t many quality weighted blankets under $100, but this cotton-covered, glass bead–filled version comes in as our best value pick and has all kinds of positive reviews among its 43,000 ratings; it’s even Amazon’s best-selling weighted blanket for kids. Skip the patterns and stick with the simple solid options, like this light gray hue that goes with anything. There are a range of sizes and weights to choose from (as light as 5 pounds to as heavy as 30).

Shop more Amazon deals on weighted blankets.

Up to 16% Off Polywood Adirondack Chairs

Red Adirondack Chair Classic Style in Red
Classic Outdoor Adirondack Chair, Polywood ($192 was $229)

Adirondack chairs often don’t come cheap, but this classic option has seen its lowest price in 30 days thanks to Amazon’s Early Access Sale. For less than $200 you can grab this apple red weatherproof, high-density polyethylene (a high-quality, durable type of plastic) seat. Part of the allure of the style is the fact that it can go pretty much anywhere, whether that’s dockside by the lake or in your wooded backyard.

Shop more Amazon deals on Adirondack chairs.

Up to 25% Off Select Yamazaki Products

Yamazaki Storage Cart
Tower Rolling Slim Storage Cart, Yamazaki Home ($123 was $145)

Small-space storage is our love language, and Yamazaki speaks it. The Japanese homewares brand makes our overall favorite jewelry organizers, and we also love its Slim Storage Cart and Leaning Ladder Rack. Both products, in the black colorway, are discounted during Amazon’s sale. They each sport thousands of positive reviews; we could see the ladder in a bathroom or bedroom for towel or blanket storage, and the cart as a rolling pantry or home for toiletries.

Shop more Amazon deals on home organization.

Up to 32% Off KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixers

Mate Black Kichenaid Mixer
Artisan Mini Plus 3.5-Qt. Stand Mixer, Kitchenaid ($260 was $380)

KitchenAid stand mixers are the key to all sorts of cooking experiments, from the given—cookies, cakes—to the more adventurous, like making fresh pasta or grinding burger meat. The 3.5-quart Artisan Mini is 32% off for the Prime Early Access Sale, putting the price way below $300. It’s lighter than the Classic Stand Mixer and smaller, but no less powerful, say reviewers; it would be ideal for a first apartment. The Artisan Mini comes in eight colors, but we particularly like the matte black.

Shop more Amazon deals on stand mixers.

Up to 26% Off Steel Doeworks Firewood Rack

Circular Firewood Holder
Log Hoop Heavy Duty Firewood Rack, DOEWORKS ($41 was $53)

Need a firewood rack to go along with one of the best firepits? This powder-coated, solid steel option is highly rated for durability, sturdiness, and easy assembly. We particularly like its compact, streamlined design, and it’ll hold at least an evening’s worth of firewood for cocktails outdoors or a cozy night inside. If you’re looking for more significant storage, try this heavy-duty rack that comes with an outdoor cover.

Shop more Amazon deals on firewood storage.

Up to 15% Off Tempur-Cloud Mattress Topper

Amazon Mattress Topper
Tempur-Cloud 2-Inch Mattress Topper, Tempur-Pedic ($176 was $219)

We’ve sung the praises of the Tempur-Cloud mattress as one of the best mattresses in a box, but the mattress topper is a much more affordable upgrade if you aren’t in the market for such a big investment. With more than 7,000 reviews, the medium-firm memory foam topper gets points for comfort and value. It comes in 2-inch and 3-inch heights, as well as in a bundle with a Cloud Pillow, and the 2-inch option is on sale for Prime Early Access for 15% off it’s regular price.

Shop more Amazon deals on mattress toppers.

Up to 15% Off East Oak Heaters

Blue Finish Outdoor Patio Heater
50,000 BTU Propane Patio Heater, East Oak ($152 was $180)

Keep the summer outdoor gatherings going all year long as we head into the colder seasons. Just because the temperatures are starting to dip doesn’t mean you have to quit dining alfresco, and a patio heater can help. This East Oak option has plenty of positive reviews and a range of finish offerings beyond your standard silver, with nearly all reviewers noting it’s become a permanent fixture of their backyard setup. But we love that the 15% discount makes it even more affordable than our Amazon Basics value pick.

Shop more Amazon deals on outdoor heaters.

Up to 15% Off Select Le Creuset Dutch Ovens

Oyster Le Creuset Dutch Oven
Signature Enameled Cast Iron Oval Dutch Oven, Le Creuset ($299 was $351)

Talk about a hardworking (and hard-wearing) holiday helper—a Le Creuset Dutch oven does it all. Bake bread, simmer stew, roast meat, and more, depending on the size you decide to scoop up (though it’s the 8-quart that’s specifically 15% off). And when you’re done, simply give it a wash and wipe its enameled interior clean, before it’s looking good as new in a standout color on top of your stove (at least, that’s what we would do, especially in the lush oyster). It’s one of our all-time favorites and makes the perfect gift for friends or family who don’t happen to already have one at home.

Shop more Amazon deals on Dutch ovens.

Ask Domino

Q: How long do Amazon Prime deals last?

This year, Prime Day has happened not once but twice. If you missed out on the deals earlier this summer, October 11 and 12 can be used to kick-start your Black Friday shopping plans. Some discounts apply to a limited number of products or are available for a shorter time period, so we’ll update this story as new offers surface.

Q: What are some tips for finding the best Amazon Prime deals?

Domino editors will scour the Prime Day offerings throughout the period to find the best deals on our favorite products, so check this guide for the most up-to-date discounts. The Amazon app also allows you to keep track of new deals. Use the Wish List function to save your favorite items and set alerts via the Watch feature to find out when deals go live. If you miss out, the Waitlist option will send you a notification if the deal is reactivated. (Heads-up, you have 15 minutes to add the item to your cart before it’s sent to the next person on the list.)

Q: Which other retailers offer discounts on Prime Day?

Competitors such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy also have flash sales to rival Prime Day. Keep an eye out for discounted furniture, lighting, and appliances at Target; mattresses and vacuums at Walmart; and smart home devices at Best Buy.