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Amazon Prime Day is still going strong today, July 12, and the sale continues to feature a flurry of discounts exclusive to Prime members. During previous promotions—even the surprise miniature event that popped up last fall—Domino readers (you!) have successfully snagged everything from whisper-quiet air purifiers and a $50 Moen showerhead to a tufted velvet sofa that was half off its original price. This go-round, we posed a very important query to our team: What are the best Amazon Prime Day deals on your wish list in 2023? After collecting their answers, we put together the below roster of editor-coveted scores. This includes everything that’s officially marked down for the 48-hour event, along with the next best deals for those still touting a saleless price tag.

Stylish TV Upgrade: 13% Off Samsung 50-Inch The Frame Customizable Bezel

News & Trends photo
Samsung 50-Inch The Frame Customizable Bezel for TV, Amazon ($128 was $148)

“I managed to convince my husband to splurge on the Samsung Frame TV last Prime Day with the compromise that we’d get the screen then and the bezel (aka the frame) later. If it goes on sale this year, later could mean now,” shares digital director Lindsey Mather. “I’m watching the price of the oak-esque beige colorway with high hopes.” Hopefully for her, 13% off is enough to finally complete the look.

Good-Looking Game: $60 Off IUNNDS Inside Table Tennis Table

News & Trends photo
IUNNDS Inside Table Tennis Table, Amazon ($299 was $359)

“My parents’ new house has an absurdly large basement—and so the only logical way to fill it is with a ping-pong table. I’ve done a lot of Googling for one that isn’t hideous, and here is my winner, a cornflower blue number that’s simple, foldable, and, most important, on sale. Let the games begin,” offers deputy editor Julie Vadnal.

Oenophile-Approved Glasses: Gabriel Glas Crystal Wineglasses or 58% Off Bormioli Rocco Wineglasses

“After sipping from these wineglasses on a trip to Berlin last year, I haven’t stopped thinking about them. I recently purchased a set for my dad for Father’s Day, and now I want them for my own table,” says Samantha Weiss-Hills, Domino’s managing shopping editor. Unfortunately, this particular set is still full price, but she’s compromising on the next best thing: Bormioli Rocco. “If I can’t have top-notch wineglasses on sale, I’ll stock up on 58% off party-appropriate stems that are made by a value-driven brand I love that happens to punch above its weight,” she adds.

Record Wrangler: Pro-Ject T1 Turntable or 20% Off VIMUKUN Belt Drive Turntable

“I’m a never-silence person, and I have been with Sonos since the beginning. Next up, I want to upgrade my setup to include this stylish vinyl player, which seamlessly works with the Sonos universe to bring the warmth of a record to my new dark green music den,” shares photo editor Meghan McNeer. Sadly, the Pro-Ject T1 is still $399, but there are plenty of other wireless turntables on sale during Prime Day, including this Bluetooth-connected pearl white number that’s 20% off.

Chic Steps: 10% Off Midoli 2 Step Ladder

green step ladder
Midoli 2 Step Ladder, Amazon ($60 was $67)

“I’ve lived in my apartment for two years now and I’m still climbing on my kitchen countertop to get to the highest shelf in my cabinets,” admits Lydia Geisel, Domino’s home editor. “I saw that home decor and DIY influencer Marco Zamora (one of my latest, greatest follows) owns a supercute ladder, and I immediately started looking around for my own. Because I don’t have a utility or pantry closet to stow things like this, it has to look good.” Even better that her find is now 15% off—the lowest price it has sported in more than 30 days.

A Duo of Glow-Getters: 15% Off Set of Mini Fatboy Edison Lamps

fatboy lights duo
Fatboy Edison The Mini (Set of 2), Amazon ($138 was $162)

“I’m all in on outdoor entertaining this summer—if the weather is fair, you better believe I’m going to be in full alfresco mode. Although my setup is pretty, well, set, the mood lighting could use a boost. Currently I’m strictly working with candles and bistro string lights, but I’m considering adding some portable mini table lamps to the mix,” says our shopping director, Liz Buxton. “This duo from Fatboy is the top contender: a minimalist aesthetic, weather resistant, and lasts 12 hours when fully charged. I can picture them now, clustered around cocktails on my outdoor side tables or peppered among the dinner spread.”

Made-to-Order Espresso: De’Longhi Dedica Deluxe or $47 Off Gevi Compact Professional Espresso Machine

From app-operated brewers to steam-activated drip machines to an old-fashioned briki pot straight from Greece, associate editor Raven McMillan has managed to collect just about every type of coffee device imaginable. “As a former barista, I just can’t help myself,” she shares. “But I’m ashamed to say I don’t yet have an espresso machine in my collection, so I’m stalking price drops on this solid bet from De’Longhi.” While the Dedica Deluxe in white still isn’t in stock, we found her an equally retro-looking device that’s just as compact, but with an improved steam wand and pressure gauge. We also can’t help but recommend splurging on the full package, since Breville’s Barista Impress is now $200 off.

Commute-Friendly Reader: 34% Off Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 

green paper white kindle
Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, Amazon ($125 was $190)

After making the move from Manhattan to Queens, I spend quite a bit more time sitting on the subway. While I personally prefer to flip through paper pages, hauling a bag big enough to house my current read and other commuting essentials is becoming borderline burdensome. I’m willing to trade in the tactile experience to digitally downsize to Amazon’s paperback Kindle—especially since I had a sneaky feeling the device would be on sale (it is!). Plus who doesn’t love tech dressed up in a trendy green?  

Countertop Companion: 15% Off Beast Blender

Beast Blender, Amazon ($165 was $189)

“When I’m home in California, my mom makes me delicious smoothies in her Beast Blender every morning. Like most things she owns, she talks about it like she’s paid to advertise. And you know what? She’s sold me,” style editor Julia Stevens shares. And after keeping an eye out for markdowns, she can now snag the fluted countertop appliance this Prime Day for $30 less—that is, as long as she’s cool with it shipping in either the cloud white or pebble gray colorway.

Patio Pals: Business & Pleasure Amalfi Patio Umbrella or 50% Off Safavieh Outdoor Black and White Umbrella

For design director Brit Ashcraft, the pool is open, so lounge season is on. “Give me a stack of books, bottomless Aperol Spritzes, and an umbrella-and-base duo, and I’m set for the rest of summer,” she shares. Sadly, her first choice from Business & Pleasure Co.—a double-stripe pattern that would have been a refreshing update to her standard cabana look and a clamshell base that she dubbed as “the most fun umbrella stand I’ve ever come across”—aren’t on sale for Prime Day. But she’s considering the next best thing: Safavieh’s half-off scalloped number that still promises to double down on bringing the resort vibes home. Additionally, other umbrellas and stands from Aussie brand Business & Pleasure are on sale for up to 50% off.

Classy Cocktails: Waterford Elegance Martini Glasses or 30% Off Godinger Cocktail Glass Set

“Try as I might to find a more affordable dupe for these crystal martini glasses, I’ve yet to uncover any quality rivals. Their (as the name aptly suggests) elegant silhouette balances a short stem with a deep yet delicate bowl—which, in my opinion, are the perfect proportions. So I’ve decided that if this dreamy duo’s price drops come Prime Day, it will be added to my cart,” says Buxton. To her dismay, they’re still $115 as of today. If you don’t want to wait, she is also a big fan of this budget-friendly set from Godinger that happens to be 30% off (that’s four glasses for just $15).

Smokeless Sweetie: 60% Off Colsen Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace

Colsen tabletop firepit
Colsen Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace, Amazon ($30 was $100)

Mather’s back-up buy: this tabletop cooker. “Ever since I had my first s’more in what feels like forever on a mother-daughter trip this spring, I can’t stop thinking about the nostalgic treat (blame it on pregnancy),” she explains. “Rather than commit to a full-on firepit to quell my craving, I’m eyeing this mini version, which reviewers say is indeed powerful enough to roast marshmallows over. Did I mention it’s already 60% off?”

Dinner Party Trick: 39% Off Alessi Todo Giant Cheese Grater

Alessi "Todo" Giant Cheese And Nutmeg Grater
Todo Giant Cheese and Nutmeg Grater, Alessi ($77 was $105)

We said it before and we’ll say it again: Alessi can do no wrong. You may recognize this Richard Sapper design from our unique Mother’s Day gift guide, and it’s been on Weiss-Hills’s to-buy list ever since (that tracks, considering there’s nothing she loves more than hosting a pretty feast). And good thing she held off—the statement-making piece is now down to just $77.

bose outdoor speaker in stone blue
Bose SoundLink Flex Portable Speaker, Amazon ($105 was $149)

“Now that summer is officially upon us, I’m planning on spending lots of time outdoors. And what’s a day spent under the sun without a background soundtrack worthy of a main character moment?” poses contributing editor Esmé Stern. That’s where Bose’s portable speaker comes in handy. “Lightweight and waterproof, making it the perfect companion for a beach, pool, or park trip,” she adds. Reminiscent of vacation, she’s eyeing the stone blue color that’s 30% off.

Design Deals Aside, Here’s Our Editors’ Prime Day Beauty Haul

Confession: We’re not above taking advantage of actually good beauty deals. After polling our editors for their Prime Day wish lists, more than a few also admitted to using the shopping holiday as a great excuse to stock up on their skin-care favorites (or to save as gifts closer to the holiday season). From Laneige’s cult-favorite lip mask to dry shampoo that smells as good as perfume and even 20% off Nécessaire, check out all the non–home products you can also find in our carts, above.

Ask Domino

Q: How long do Amazon Prime deals last?

Last year, Prime Day happened not once but twice. This year, the main event is taking place on July 11 and 12. Some discounts apply to a limited number of products or are available for a shorter time period, so we’ll update this story as new offers surface closer to the start date.

Q: What are some tips for finding the best Amazon Prime deals?

Domino editors will scour the Prime Day offerings throughout the period to find the best deals on our favorite products, so bookmark this guide to check back for the most up-to-date discounts. The Amazon app also allows you to keep track of new deals. Use the Wish List function to save your favorite items and set alerts via the Watch feature to find out when deals go live. If you miss out, the Waitlist option will send you a notification if the deal is reactivated.