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Whether it’s groceries, toiletries, or gifts, I take a certain kind of satisfaction in “stocking up.” We buy flour in bulk for baking bread; have a recurring order for toilet paper; and dog supplies arrive by the boatload. Equally, I always like to have a little something on hand to bring for hosts. The tactic of packing a section of your closet with small treasures is prime for the holidays, too. Small chocolates, great pens, fancy soaps, tiny bottles of bitters, and any manner of mini items make for a crowd-pleasing grab bag you can keep full all season. Whether you’re in need of a last-minute stocking stuffer or something to bring along to an upcoming cocktail party, our top picks for the best bulk gifts should have you covered.

We’ve broken out our favorite value bundles and multipacks across a variety of categories, from food to stationery to beauty. You can stock up on one or an assortment of all, transforming yourself into a bespoke-gift-basket-building aficionado—if you please. And whatever stores you don’t end up giving away can surely be put to good use inside your own home.

Best Bulk Food Gifts

Who doesn’t want a tiny jar of spicy honey, a tin of delicious fish, or a box of dates wrapped up with a flouncy bow? Stashing a heap of shelf-stable items makes grabbing one before you head out the door that much easier—keep a little box of ribbons and bits nearby to dress each one up even more.

Best Bulk Stationery Gifts

A notebook is a classic end-of-year gift for a reason. When it’s time to turn the page on 2023, gift all the girlies with one, plus a fancy writing utensil that you didn’t swipe from a restaurant, and encourage a little journaling after NYE.

Best Bulk Tableware Gifts

One of my favorite host gifts to bring along to a dinner is a good set of taper candles. Pick them up in bulk, plus cool matchboxes, and you’ll never arrive empty-handed. Or peel off a quartet of linen napkins from a big stack. Maybe stuff a cute Splatterware mug with all the makings for their favorite drink, including a colored-glass teaspoon to stir it up. The more tailored, the better.

Best Bulk Drink Gifts

For the cocktail enthusiasts out there, receiving a unique bottle of bitters or a jar of the ideal garnish will go a long way. Pack it up in a reusable bag with glassware or their favorite spirit, and you’re in business.

Best Bulk Unique Gifts

What’s unique is quite personal, but we’re willing to bet the following set of presents will surprise and delight most. Matchbooks of incense, woven cotton keychains, colorful chopsticks, and puzzles packed in Warhol-like soup cans are just the tip of the iceberg.

Best Bulk Beauty Gifts

Bathroom vanities, makeup bags, and purses can never have enough lip balm, soap, and hand sanitizer. Give the gift of a restock with these stalwarts, some classic and others more contemporary.

Best Bulk Gift Wrap

And last but not least, you’re going to need some pretty packaging to tie together your tiny surprises. Whether you’re gifting them solo or bundling up an assortment of goodies, we sourced a few thoughtful gift-wrapping staples to keep on hand: striped cotton ribbons, Weck jars, and pint-size wood baskets.