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Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to show your partner how much you love them with a thoughtful gift. But while said gift is technically for them, if you shop with intention, it can benefit you, too. Because wouldn’t you rather set the mood by playing music from a Sonos (a phone speaker will no longer cut it) and sipping wine from a handblown glass, all while enjoying the faint aroma of vetiver and patchouli wafting through the air? Now you both have a present. 

If You Want Their New Hobby to Be Making You Expert Espressos 

This petite machine, designed by Italian architect Piero Lissoni, looks as good as velvety espresso shots taste.

If You’re Looking to Deepen Your Connection

We’d play any game renowned relationship therapist and author Esther Perel told us to. This one utilizes storytelling to bring you closer and can be played with just the two of you or up to six participants. 

If Your Phone Speakers Aren’t Cutting It 

No matter how sexy their Spotify playlist is, a phone speaker won’t set any sort of mood. This small but mighty Sonos speaker is portable, which means you can bring the tunes from the dining table to the bedroom. 

If Your Favorite Pastime Is Snuggling 

We can’t say no to 100 percent grade-A cashmere at the very reasonable price of $130. Whether you’re sleeping over at theirs or live together, this slinky blanket will make everyone’s sleep a little more luxe. 

If They Keep Losing Their Stuff

It’s time for your partner to have a proper bag. This denim APC tote is understated enough for the purse skeptics, with a heart that subtly nods to the holiday. 

If You Want Showering at Their Place to Feel Like a Spa

You don’t have to have a bad hair day just because your S.O. tends to buy the cheapest thing on the CVS shelf. With this set, lathering up involves notes of bergamot and cedar. Don’t be surprised if your partner ditches 2-in-1 shampoo for good.

If They Wouldn’t Normally Splurge on Towels

Mildew and frayed edges happen. Why not offer up a fresh replacement with a fun pattern that will look good even in a pile on the floor?

If Deep, Woodsy Aromas Turn You On

Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by a Diptyque classic wafting through the air? The scent is described as “a warm and elegant procession of woods, vetiver, and patchouli,” which is certainly an upgrade from, well, anything. 

If They Keep Stealing Your Skin Care

Show your partner that they can engage in their own self-care. The kit includes face wash, shaving cream, post-shave repair gel, and an energizing moisture treatment and will help them get their glow on. 

If Their Current Tumblers Are From College

Sculptural glasses that can hold a decent-size drink but don’t feel heavy-duty are surprisingly hard to find, and Hudson Wilder’s handblown ones are just that. These will make date night in feel fancier, even if you’re in sweats on the sofa. 

If They’ve Been Putting Off a Bedding Upgrade

A bold cabana stripe is certainly a statement, but they say it’s the things people wouldn’t buy for themselves that make the greatest gifts. Plus now their bedroom will spark joy every time you walk in. 

If They (You) Need Some TLC After an Intense Workout 

We’ve all asked our S.O. to give us a massage, and this powerful device streamlines the process. You can trade off or promise they’ll “get their turn eventually.” 

If You Want to Partake in a Sugar High

Picking out a massive box of chocolate ensures there will be plenty left for you; it would be rude of them not to share.

If You’ve Simply Had Enough With the Overhead Lighting 

A little mood lighting goes a long way, which means this lamp is a big step up from those fluorescent overheads. It’s portable and dimmable and will add a little Scandi style to their nightstand. 

If You’re Hoping for More Candlelit Dinners for Two

Buy them these holders with a set of tapers on the side. They’ll get the hint. 

If You Want to Be Their Official Recipe Tester

An of-the-moment Italian cookbook will get you that much closer to devouring herby salads and savory sauces; made with love, of course.