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I remember the first time I saw a croissant-shaped lamp. It was a few years ago, and I couldn’t believe my eyes; it looked exactly like the real thing. Turns out, it was once an actual croissant, now coated in resin and equipped with a battery-powered bulb. 

Since then, I have continued to delight in food-mimicking decor, from candles to dinnerware. And now, the trend has reached an all-time high, with nearly every housewares store I enter offering something on the inedible menu. 

After tomato girl summer took over this past season, it’s no wonder retailers are looking for more ways to put produce-inspired goods on the table. Some TikTokers are referring to the style movement as grocery girl fall, and the search for “food inspired decorations” has 745.6 million (!) views. Big Night, a Brooklyn-born pantry shop, is selling huggable olive pillows and cone-shaped ice cream scoopers, and Coming Soon’s wine bottle and baguette candles are flying off the shelves. Even stores that aren’t known for their quirkiness, like Hawkins New York and Abask, are charming us with their takes on the trend. Consider our curation, below, the cutest grocery store of all time, and prepare to order takeout because it might leave you hungry. 

The Farmers’ Market

If eating fruits and vegetables is good for your health, surrounding yourself in decor inspired by them must be good for the soul. We could get lost in Bordallo Pinheiro’s Portugal-made pottery. (Thought: Is lettuceware the original food-inspired decor?) And there was never a better time to buy a literal interpretation of a mushroom lamp

The Patisserie

Carbo loading can come in many forms, and these won’t involve a trip to the bakery. A dozen doughnuts puzzle, toast-shaped cork coasters, and a strawberry cream cake candle are guaranteed to woo anyone, even your strictest gluten-free friend. 

The Fancy Wine Shop

Everyone brings wine to a dinner party. Be the standout guest by gifting a bottle that’s actually a candle. And while you’re at it, why not add a block of wax cheese and olive picks? While they might not fit into the appetizer snacks spread, they’ll last far longer. 

The Fishmonger 

We saw quite a bit of fish-inspired decor this summer, and it’s certainly a player in grocery girl fall, too. A shrimp cocktail coupe adorned with glass shrimp, oyster shell bottle openers that look like they washed up on the beach, and a fish platter by Paola Navone offer a fun play that’s actually functional.