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The 18 Products Domino Readers Shopped Most in October

From fancy Advent calendars to affordable Amazon gifts.
Collage of Dusen Dusen striped robe, candle, olive oil, and advent calendar

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In September, we saw everyone coveting quilts and blankets to gear up for cozy season, so it only makes sense that readers started looking ahead to the holidays in October. There were entertaining essentials, yes, but gifts stepped onto the stage, too. Namely: treat-filled Advent calendars. Yet despite all the forward thinking, the month’s main celebration was not left behind. Spooky-chic decor like flameless taper candles and glossy black butterfly cutouts earned a spot on our list of best-selling October products, as well—here’s everything you added to your carts over the past 31 days.

Graza Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Of all the 20-plus host gifts we recommended last month, Graza’s squeezable EVOO stood out to Domino readers as the top buy. The playful packaging gives us retro restaurant vibes in the best way. It’s cute enough to leave out on your counter, while its nozzle design promises to keep messes to a minimum. Our associate commerce editor, Morgan Bulman, can personally attest to Drizzle, which tastes just as fancy as a few more expensive bottles in her cupboard.

True & Tidy Multi-Surface Spray Mop

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It’s easy to see why this multi-surface spray mop from True & Tidy was a popular buy in October: an affordable $20 price point, you can use any cleaning solution, it doesn’t require batteries or any sort of energy source, and its microfiber pad can be tossed in the washing machine once chores have been tackled. Buyers elaborate that the extendable handle eliminates the need to bend over, and it weighs less than 2 pounds, so you can make quick work of moving around. Did we mention it’s available in two other cute colors, blush pink and bright blue, aside from the sleek white? Oh, and it’s also our top value pick when it comes to the best mops.

McCrea’s Candies Handcrafted Caramel Advent Calendar

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Advent calendars are a hallmark start to the holiday season, and what better way to count down to Christmas than with sweet confections? Among all our favorite options (more than 30, in fact!), McCrea’s Caramels was a clear winner with readers, beating out chocolates and gumdrops. Each of the 24 handcrafted pieces is slow-cooked with locally sourced butter, milk, and cream, and there are 12 different styles featured, including surprising flavors like rosemary charcoal and black lava sea salt. We suspect it’ll be hard to wait until December 1 to dig into this box, illustrated by New Hampshire artist Cindy Hendrick, especially considering multiple past purchasers were impressed by its fast shipping.

Dusen Dusen Striped Bathrobe

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It may not have been the exact colorway we clocked hanging up in Harry Style’s backstage bathroom, but it was close enough for readers to steal the singer’s favored bathwear brand for themselves. Part of the Dusen Dusen robe’s allure is the fact that it’s made from absorbent cotton and adorned in designer Ellen Van Dusen’s signature contrasting stripes. But star power isn’t the only reason behind this robe’s popularity. It also features two oversize pockets to fit everything from a TV remote to your cell phone, and the matching chunky sash can cinch at your waist for a preferred tightness. We’re wondering how many readers copped it for themselves or are saving it as a unique gift.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore 5-in-1 Electric Expandable Skillet

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Anything that cuts down on weekday meal prep time is a trendy best-seller (Instant Pot, anyone?) waiting to happen. Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful kitchen line promises just that and then some, which is why we’re guessing readers were so into her 5-in-1 Expandable Skillet in October. Not only does it claim to reduce cabinet clutter by eliminating the need to stock up on multiple single-use appliances (this thing can steam, sauté, and simmer!), but cleaning time as well. Purchasers early to jump on board predict that it will come in handy during the holidays, especially since one of the five settings is low enough to have it function as a buffet serving dish.

Outdoor Fellow Campfire Scented Candle

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An evenly burning candle that promises to fill your home with the fancy aroma of cedarwood and smoked amber—but doesn’t cost just shy of $100? Count us in. Outdoor Fellow’s 8-ounce Campfire candle is just $32 on a normal day, but during Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale in early October, it was a more affordable $24. It sold out pretty quickly during the promotion, and even now its storefront notes there are only about 20 left. We found the scent to be pretty on par with Diptyque’s Feu de Bois, but (dare we say) better in the sense that it doesn’t tunnel and hardly ashes the transparent glass vessel it sits within.

Uncommon Goods Holiday Scratch Off Advent Calendar Playlist

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Not everyone wants or needs an Advent calendar filled with tasty treats. Several Domino readers were searching for something a bit more fun and interactive, and Uncommon Goods delivered just the ticket. This calendar, though it appears in the shape of a vinyl record (down to the size, past purchasers confirm), is actually one giant scratch-off sticker, 50 percent of which is made from recycled materials. Rubbing away each day like a lottery card reveals a QR code that will send you to stream or download a Christmas carol sung by an emerging artist.

Now Designs Tawashi Dishcloth Scrubbers

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Clearly, Domino readers love a practical gift. These fish-shaped tawashi dishcloths, made from 100 percent cotton, can be used to scrub plates, pots, and pans clean and are soft enough to tackle nonstick surfaces. The blue and red cutesy combo can be hung up by their little mouths (a loop). Multiple reviewers rave about the crocheted construction’s long-lasting quality, and the pair is surprisingly priced at less than $10. “Supercute at a great price,” one purchaser comments. “Sent as a gift, and she loved them.”

Oliver Bonas Skittle Water Bottle by Lund London

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There are plenty of design-forward drink containers out there, but this slim update on the stainless steel Lund London original is better suited to fit cup holders; we reckon that’s one of the main reasons why it was a best-selling October product. Whether it will soon grace your countertops or office desk, the vaselike look may easily be mistaken for an objet (be prepared for some shocked reactions from your coworker or roommate when you take a sip from it). We’re sure shoppers were just as taken with its appearance and price point as we were—cheers to staying hydrated during the dry winter months.

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Staff writer Kenya Foy was pleasantly impressed by how well HomeLabs and Popular Science‘s air purifier performed, and so too were Domino readers—enough so to snag it en masse. This little machine’s HEPA filter was able to minimize her daily dusting routine and was quiet enough to not disturb her sleep (if anything, it doubled as the perfect white-noise machine). While relatively new, it’s already backed by 3,000-plus positive reviews that also point out it’s great at removing odors, dander (particularly from pets), pollen, and more from the air.

Huckberry Sultan Turkish Towel

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This is the sort of towel that doesn’t need to be stored in a linen closet, which is why we’re guessing Domino readers were so taken with it. It’s longer and wider than an average bath towel, measuring 40-by-70 inches, making it an ideal park or beach companion. It’s also a breeze to fold away and wouldn’t take up too much space in your bag if you decide to stash one for spontaneous adventures. Classic stripes and tassels mean this one likely won’t fall out of favor, so you can keep it around for years to come. Just another reason why this towel was one of the best-selling October products at Domino.

Casper Original Pillow

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Domino readers tend to trust us when it comes to well-tested bedding accessories, and Casper’s Original pillow has been a favorite of ours for a while. Earlier this month it was also on sale during Amazon’s mini Prime Day event, discounted down from $65 to $45. It made buying two of these at a time a smart move, so we imagine readers were inclined to purchase more than just one. And the more the merrier when it comes to fluffy pillows on your bed, no?

In Good Taste Wine Advent Calendar

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In our experience, Advent calendars should be just as much fun for kids as adults, and this box for the 21-and-older crowd has proven to be our readers’ wine-filled favorite of the three we highlighted. We bet that’s because In Good Taste’s option isn’t only filled with a mini bottle of vino per day leading up to Christmas. It also offers virtual tastings that start December 1. An email will be sent out each day sharing extra exclusive details like food-and-recipe pairings and more fun surprises that you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Amazon Flickering Flameless LED Candles

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For those hoping to achieve a spooky-chic aesthetic for Halloween rather than kitschy foam gravestones and plastic skeletons, these flameless tapers are the answer. Pair them with a transparent fishing line and hang them from the ceiling to achieve a Harry Potter–like optical illusion that’s downright magical. This particular product comes with a remote control that makes it easy to turn the battery-operated set on and off without tearing the whole project down. Reviewers have noted these are great for any holiday, including Christmas, or to decorate a tablescape since they’re proper candle look-alikes. One reviewer notes, “They are brighter than I thought they’d be. Love the remote—you do have to be close in order to turn them on and off. I have them across the front windows and I cannot turn them all on or off at once, but now that I have the timer figured out it doesn’t matter.” In fact, there are two settings, so these candles will flicker endlessly for four or eight hours straight.

Swedish Dreams Sea Salt Soap

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Amazon has all kinds of budget-friendly, unique gifts, but digging through the massive online marketplace can be daunting, especially when searching for elevated basics like hand lotion or, case in point, a boutique-like bar of soap. This three-pack from Swedish Dream is a little more expensive than Dove but significantly less than, say, anything from Flamingo Estate or Le Labo. One reviewer passionately wrote the price is worth it, since it “lasts a long time. Smells nice, clean-looking, doesn’t get mushy like so many other soaps. I keep it longer by using a semi-spiked soap holder. And the salt in it helps with cleaning.”

Recess Mojave Pickleball Paddle

As seen in: Leanne Ford Just Made Pickleball Gear Chic

Deemed by The New York Times as the fastest-growing sport in the U.S., it seems like everyone and their mother has picked up the game this year, including designer Leanne Ford. The lack of cool gear meant Ford had to take things into her own hands, so she collaborated with Recess to create a line of six stylish paddles and matching balls that we were all eager to scoop up for ourselves—so much so the whole collection is already sold out. Luckily, the brand has some pretty stylish options still in stock, including this neon checker print inspired by desert landscapes (that’s currently about 25% off, so it’s also one of our favorite deals of the week) and a freshly dropped holiday collection featuring a bunch of artsy graphics.

Anthropologie Village Advent Calendar Ornaments

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Tree decorations and treat hiders? These Dickens-like village houses, in true Anthropologie fashion, are adorned with bright, cheerful colors and details. Each of the 24 sports a number on the front door to signify the day on the Advent calendar. While they vary in size, all are big enough to fit an assortment of goodies inside, from candy canes to lip balm. We’re confident readers also loved the fact that these can be used for years to come, hanging on the tree as ornaments thanks to the attached (and equally colorful) string. Recent buyers agree the materials are high quality and each design is delightfully cute.

Amazon 3D Butterfly Wall Decals

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Inspired by artist Carlos Amorales‘s exhibition at Salone del Mobile Milano in 2019, we found these plastic butterflies to be this year’s couture spin on plastic bats and spiders. We’d bet the main reason Domino readers swarmed to buy them last month is largely thanks to the easy application process. All that’s needed is something sticky to adhere them to, such as double-sided tape, to place wherever. It’s that simple. (The pack does come with small tacky dots, though multiple reviewers warn they don’t work as well.)