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So you got invited to a dinner party. The season is impending, after all. Your next move is to ask the host: “What can I bring?” Real talk, they’ll probably say wine, but a truly gracious guest brings something that outlives the short duration of the event. A gift that makes waking up to a pile of dishes the next morning feel a little more worth it. 

That doesn’t mean you need to spend more, though. We found 32 gifts under $40, including a $4 porcelain catchall, $18 salad servers, and plenty of other scores that are bound to make an appearance at their shindig. And you can’t go wrong with a cookbook to add to their library—we recommend writing a note on the inside of the cover for a personal touch. Consider your invitation back secured.

$15 and Under

A great cheap thrill is nothing to overlook. Sculptural taper candles, spheric soap, and conversation-starting spaghetti packaging will cost you less than the most discounted wine in the shop. 

$20 and Under

For just $20, your host could rest their cocktail on a new Italian-made coaster, whip up dinner from our team’s favorite cookbook, and drizzle fancy olive oil over their lunch salad. And they’ll think of you each and every time.

$30 and Under

At $30, things get a little more substantial. Like a sweet cup that can serve as a morning matcha vessel or a pencil holder, a genius enamel dip chiller, and an apron for your wine bottle (yes, you read that right) by New York’s buzziest brand.

$40 and Under

These pricier buys are great if your host is having you over for more than just dinner or is celebrating a special occasion. A sandalwood scented candle and professional-grade chopping board are impressive without breaking 40 bucks and will tell them just how much their hospitality means to you.