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For every college student who has slogged through years of essays, lectures, final exams, and dining hall dinners, the end is in sight. That’s right, graduation day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to celebrate the scholars in your life in style. Not sure what to gift the next generation of movers and shakers? That’s where we come in. Our Style team has gathered the best college graduation gifts on the market right now—from first-apartment must-haves to workplace necessities—to ensure your loved ones’ transition from academia to adulthood is seamless. 

For When the Twin Extra-Long Gets an Upgrade 

Gone are the days when going to sleep meant struggling with ill-fitting sheets and squishing onto a narrow mattress. Once your loved one leaves campus, they’ll need a totally new bed setup. Go big with a Casper mattress (it ergonomically aligns the spine) or opt for the more budget-friendly choice of fresh linen bedding. Your grad will rest easy, even on the night before their first day at work. 

For When the Bathroom Becomes Noncommunal

Nothing screams “college” quite like a grimy tile-and-sink situation, so your graduate will appreciate any upgrade you can provide in the bathroom department. Fluffy towels and a cotton-terry robe will take showers to spa level, while candles and fancy hand soaps will leave the loo smelling like, well, not a dorm room. 

For When the Unlimited Cafeteria Pass Expires

Sure, the dining hall may offer more fried food than one could ever imagine consuming in one sitting, but once your grad gets their own place, culinary possibilities know no bounds. You can’t go wrong by gifting an everyday staple: stainless steel cookware, knives versatile enough to go from smashing garlic to butchering beef, a mini blender for smoothies on the go, and a chopping board that’s nice enough to double as a cheese platter.

For When Dinner Parties Become the New Frat Parties

Adulthood can be defined as a long series of dinner invitations, so preparing the graduate for post-pandemic hosting is a practical skill they’ll thank you for later. A set of cloth dinner napkins with a youthful twist and ceramic dinnerware (for both pasta parties and midday sandwiches) make up the foundation for any adult kitchen, while quirky serving spoons and a Splatterware bowl create a celebratory vibe.

For When the Workplace Replaces the Library

Let’s face it, some of those graduating this year won’t end up working in an office. If that’s the case for your alum, a present to prep their desk at home is the way to go. A coffee machine will ensure they’re amply caffeinated, and noise-canceling wireless headphones are equally essential for blocking out a loud roommate during an important Zoom meeting. Or go all out with a sage green standing desk that’s sure to set them up for success.