The Best Wrapping Paper Is So Pretty You’ll Want to Frame It

No tearing, no tearing!
Best Wrapping Paper 2021 Domino

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We trust that your gift-giving skills are A+, but to really showcase your presents, make sure they’re beautifully wrapped, too. By using the best wrapping paper, you’ll jazz up the area under your tree and make your gifts look all the more impressive.

That’s why we’ve scoured our favorite online shops for the most beautiful wrapping paper that’ll serve you well this holiday season (and maybe for a few birthdays or other special occasions, too). Some are traditional, others are graphic, but they’re all standouts in our book. Even if you’re bad at tying bows, don’t worry—these gift wrap designs will camouflage any sloppy corners or uneven ribbons.

Scroll on for our favorite papers and packages. We think you’ll love them as well.

Our Favorites

Best Traditional: Rifle Paper Co.

Best Traditional

Size: 8-foot rolls | Material: Coated text-weight paper | Style: Updated classic 

What we like:

  • Classic designs
  • Gridlines for easy cutting
  • Gold foil accents

Worth noting:

  • Some designs are sold out

Why we chose it: Rifle Paper Co. is our go-to for colorful illustrations in classic themes.

Since 2009, Anna and Nathan Bond have been charming us with their hand-painted illustrations on stationery, desk accessories, and now wrapping paper. Their not-too-serious style paired with classic themes—think: poinsettias, nutcrackers, the North Pole—is a perfect match for any gift and for any type of recipient. The designs on their 8-foot rolls are playful enough to wrap children’s presents yet sophisticated enough for adults, too.

Best Reusable: Food52

Best Reusable

Size: Varies | Material: 100 percent GOTS-certified organic cotton | Style: Simple and sweet

What we like:

  • Reusable and washable
  • Different tying techniques create various looks
  • Beautifully wraps around awkwardly shaped gifts

Worth noting:

  • Too small to wrap gigantic gifts

Why we chose it: Reduce waste and honor ancient Japanese tradition with fabric gift wraps.

To be a little gentler on Mother Nature, shop one of Food52’s reusable (nonpaper) wrapping options inspired by furoshiki, the centuries-old Japanese art of fabric wrapping. Choose between a set of three organic cotton wraps in soft, dreamy colors or a set of three linen wraps in either neutrals, colors, or a festive tree print. Add a sprig of eucalyptus, a gift tag, and voilà! No need for tape or worrying about your sloppy scissor-cutting skills.

Best Something-for-Everyone Selection: Minted

Best Something-for-Everyone Selection

Size: Five sheets, 20-by-28 inches each | Material: Matte paper | Style: Playful patterns that look hand-drawn

What we like:

  • More than 350 designs
  • Supports independent artists
  • Customizable options

Worth noting:

  • Not for the indecisive type

Why we chose it: With hundreds of designs, Minted has something that’ll delight everyone on your wish list.

Whether you’re the traditional type or prefer more modern designs, Minted has wrapping paper that will please everyone—no matter your style or if you’re buying gift wrap for birthdays, weddings, or the holidays. You could even create custom wrapping paper featuring a collage of your own images or text of your choosing. No matter which design you land on, each option comes in sets of five sheets, each 20-by-28 inches, for $15. The only potential downside? There are so many adorable designs—more than 350!—that choosing just a couple could be tricky.

Best Fun Patterns: Red Cap Cards

Best Fun Patterns

Size: 19-by-27-inch sheets | Material: Paper | Style: Illustrated and eclectic

What we like:

  • Charming designs
  • Supports independent artists
  • Option to buy one sheet or three sheets

Worth noting:

  • A bit pricey

Why we chose it: These fun and festive designs don’t take themselves too seriously.

Who could say no to Christmas poodles? Or a sweet city-in-winter scene? These wrapping paper designs from Red Cap Cards feel more like pieces of art than something you’d rip up. Each design comes with two options: a single sheet (measuring 19-by-27 inches) for $5 or a roll of three for $10. Here’s betting your gift recipient will have a hard time throwing this wrapping paper away. (Which they shouldn’t! We say frame it.)

Best Textile-Inspired Designs: The Inside

Best Textile-Inspired Designs

Size: 20-by-29-inch sheets | Material: Opaque paper | Style: Classic and elegant

What we like:

  • Dozens of dignified designs
  • Sustainably made to order in California

Worth noting:

  • Pricey, though can be financed through Affirm

Why we chose it: Dozens of different printed patterns make for elegant, upscale wrapping paper.

A quick glance at these designs by The Inside and you might assume they’re wallpaper samples. But no, they’re just the chicest textile-inspired sheets of wrapping paper you’ll ever find. Choose between a 15-sheet bundle featuring three coordinating designs or five sheets in one style of your choice. Can’t decide? Jade Cherry Blossom and Banana Palm are two of our favorites.

Best One-Stop Shop: Paper Source

Best One-Stop Shop

Size: Varies | Material: Paper, some recycled | Style: Festive and classic

What we like:

  • Purchase everything you’ll need in one bundle
  • Coordinating sets look cohesive together

Worth noting:

  • Designs veer toward the traditional

Why we chose it: These pretty wrapping paper bundles ease decision fatigue.

Short on time and even shorter on the mental brain space to make yet another decision this holiday season? Paper Source to the rescue. Its wrapping paper bundles include everything you’ll need to wrap your stack of presents: wrapping paper (of course), gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbon, all in cute, coordinating sets.

Best Graphic Patterns: Etsy

Best Graphic Patterns

Size: Varies | Material: Varies | Style: Varies

What we like:

  • Modern, geometric patterns
  • Supports smart artists
  • Hundreds of options

Worth noting:

  • Keep an eye on ship date

Why we chose it: Etsy’s designs are colorful and creative as well as graphic and geometric.

If you prefer wrapping paper with stripes and dots instead of Santa and reindeers, scroll through the nearly endless options on Etsy. Vendors like Joy Creative Shop sell wrapping paper sets in various graphic designs and festive but unexpected color combinations (such as pink and red instead of green and red). Just be sure to double-check the estimated arrival date so you can rest easy that your purchase will arrive in time for the holidays.

Best Solids: Jam Paper

Best Solids

Size: 25- or 50-square-foot rolls | Material: High-quality matte paper | Style: Sleek and simple

What we like:

  • Versatile for all kinds of celebrations
  • Available in 25- or 50-square-foot rolls

Worth noting:

  • Lots of colors but not every color

Why we chose it: A few roles of these solid matte papers will last you all year long.

To keep it simple, click “add to cart” on a few of Paper Jam’s solid-colored options, mixing and matching primary hues with metallics. Opt for the sophisticated matte rolls in one of two sizes—25 square feet or 50 square feet—depending on how many gifts you need to wrap.

Best Value: Target

Best Value

Size: Varies | Material: Varies | Style: Leans classic, but good graphic patterns

What we like:

  • Budget-friendly options
  • A range of styles
  • One-stop shop for all kinds of gift wrap necessities

Worth noting:

  • Be aware that less expensive can mean lower quality
  • Keep an eye on what’s available online versus in store; the selection varies

Why we chose it: To stay well within budget, peruse Target’s varied (and very inexpensive) wrapping paper selection.

Per usual, Target has it all. Even better, it has it all in a huge range of options, none of which will break the bank. Browse a selection of both traditional and cheeky wrapping paper designs (dogs in Santa suits, anyone?), then add on any ribbons, bows, or bags you may also need. Target’s Sugar Paper line is a Domino favorite, as is its diverse artist series.

Best Coordinating Card Sets: Unwrp

Best Coordinating Card Sets

Size: 20-by-28-inch sheets, 3 per roll | Material: Paper | Style: Graphic and colorful

What we like:

  • Frame-able designs
  • Designs also available as fabric wrap
  • Made in New York

Worth noting:

  • Limited selection

Why we chose it: Matchy-matchy gift wrap and greeting cards will make you feel organized and your gift recipient feel special.

To look like you really have your act together this holiday season, stock up on Unwrp’s matching gift wrap and greeting cards, which come in a variety of vibrant colors and unique patterns designed by artists around the world. Each gift wrap comes with three sheets per roll, measuring 20 by 28 inches each, while the cards can be bought individually or as a pack of four. Tell your recipient to open their gift carefully—there’s a good chance they’ll want to keep the wrap or card.

Best Wrap That Doubles as a Gift: Baggu

Best Wrap that Doubles as a Gift

Size: Varies | Material: Recycled ripstop nylon | Style: From the simple to the zany

What we like:

  • Cheeky designs
  • Various sizes, including bags for wine bottles
  • Sustainable gift wrap option

Worth noting:

  • Will not fit larger gifts

Why we chose it: Eco-friendly and ultra-cute Baggu bags can function as both gift wrap and a gift.

Everyone’s favorite playfully patterned tote makes for outside-the-box, reusable gift wrap. Bonus: The Baggu bag itself, which is available in several sizes, doubles as another gift, one that makes grocery shopping all the more fun. What could be better than wrapping paper that’s not only reusable, but serves as a great gift in itself?

How We Chose These Products

The best wrapping paper designs ride the line between practical and pretty, which is exactly what we shopped for. We opted for a variety of styles, from sets to graphic prints to Santa-inspired designs, in both rolls and sheets. Price points vary slightly, though ultimately you should be spending the majority of your holiday budget on what matters to you, whether that’s gifts, food, or traveling to spend time with your loved ones. A high-quality and utterly adorable wrapping paper is the ideal.

Our Shopping Checklist

Types of Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper can be broken down into three primary categories: rolls, sheets, and fabric. Each has their place and purpose, so we wanted the best of each category to be represented.


In our book, a beautiful design, whether traditional or graphic or somewhere in between, tops all. If it’s created by an independent artist, all the better. If it’s a versatile design that can be used on multiple occasions, such as holidays and birthdays, that’s a bonus, too.

Paper Weight

Ideally, for a quality wrapping paper, you’ll find one between 80 GSM (grams per square meter) and 100 GSM. Online listings won’t always divulge this information, though, so if you’re unable to touch the paper in person, scan reviews. There can be too much of a good thing: Wrapping paper that’s too thick will be difficult to crease and bulky to fold.


Reducing waste and reusing wrapping paper is near the tippy-top of our priorities list. That’s why we chose artlike designs that can live many lives. Some are versatile as to which occasions they can be used for, and others are made of fabric, meant to never see the inside of a garbage can at all.

Ask Domino

Q: How can I tell if wrapping paper is good quality?

In addition to beautiful design, high-quality wrapping paper is primarily judged by the thickness of the paper. You wouldn’t want it to rip easily, right? Look for the paper weight to be between 80 GSM (grams per square meter) and 100 GSM.

Q: I feel bad about using wrapping paper and then sending it to the landfill. Is there an alternative?

If the thought of wrapping paper crumpled on the floor makes you wince, we’re right there with you. You could nix wrapping paper altogether, opting for Japanese-style fabric wrapping or gift bags instead. Otherwise, get creative: Add a festive touch to brown paper bags with DIY prints or wrap gifts using newspaper, then glam them up with ribbons.

Q: How can you give wrapping paper a second (or third) life? Perhaps as kids’ craft paper or as packing paper for packages?

When it comes to wrapping paper, create some strict recycling rules for yourself, and encourage your friends and family members to do the same. For instance, unless they’re in rough shape, never throw away gift bags or bows. Upcycle tissue paper and ribbon as much as possible, too. And nix all small onetime-use items, such as gift tags.

The Last Word

Dress up your holidays: The best wrapping paper brings a smile to your face—and your gift recipient’s face, too—and creates a cohesive look under your tree. If you can also support independent artists and select an eco-friendly design, all the better.