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It might feel like you’re looking for a unicorn if you’re in search of a bed that offers the support of foam, the bounce of an innerspring, and unrivaled durability. Add in the hope that it has all that while also being a little kinder to the environment, and it might feel even more difficult—but that’s where the best latex mattresses come in. 

A plant-based material derived from rubber trees, latex is incredibly versatile and used in all types of products, from balloons to chewing gum. A latex mattress is one that uses latex to make foam, which is then layered with other materials to create supportive a bed for virtually every kind of sleeper. It lasts longer than a traditional mattress (more on that later), and it’s also a product that appeals to eco-conscious sleepers, since the production process uses fewer harsh chemicals. Below, we’ve rounded up the ones that will have you sleeping soundly in no time. 

Our Favorites

Best Overall: Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress


Sizes: Twin to California king | Firmness: Firm | Sleep trial: 365 nights 

What we like:

  • Layer of New Zealand wool maximizes moisture wicking
  • Available in split king
  • Made in the U.S.

Worth noting:

  • Might be too firm for some side sleepers

Why we chose it: Natural latex is used to make this all-around favorite hybrid mattress. 

Latex mattresses are often described as making you feel weightless—like they’re holding you up and cradling you at the same time. This one does that and then some by adding a supportive layer of pocketed coils under the all-natural latex core, and wool and organic cotton layers over its top, creating the perfect cover and base. This is also a mattress allergy sufferers will love, since latex works to repel dust mites, mold, and mildew, which will seriously cut down on middle-of-the-night sneezing. Better yet, Saatva’s customer service is top notch, and its sleep trial length of one year really lets you get comfortable with your choice—or you can send it back.

Best Value: Birch by Helix Natural Mattress


Sizes: Twin to California king | Firmness: Medium-firm | Sleep trial: 100 nights 

What we like:

  • Queen size is under $1,500
  • Comes with 2 free pillows

Worth noting:

  • Topper, which can adjust firmness, is sold separately

Why we chose it: A latex mattress that doesn’t sacrifice quality to keep prices low. 

There’s no way around it: Latex mattresses are more expensive than their innerspring and standard foam counterparts. There’s many reasons for this, including the lengthy manufacturing process and the fact that they’re biodegradable. But this one, which comes in under $2,000 even in the largest size, is a great affordable option that uses natural latex beneath Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton to create a bouncy yet soft feel that side sleepers in particular will love. Two layers of fire-retardant wool help the mattress retain shape and add to its durability while they sandwich Talalay latex and steel coils, and a layer of birch wool adds to breathability. For sleepers who like beds on the softer side of the spectrum, a separately sold topper can take this medium-firm mattress a few steps closer to soft, which also comes in handy if your sleep needs change. 

Best Eco-Conscious: Avocado Green Mattress

avocado mattress

Sizes: Twin to California king | Firmness: Medium firm | Sleep trial: 365 nights 

What we like:

  • Made in the U.S.
  • Each component is certified organic

Worth noting:

  • One of the more expensive picks on this list

Why we chose it: From cover to base, this mattress uses certified organic cotton, wool, and latex. 

Since latex is a natural material that can be sustainably sourced, mattresses made from it are worth seeking out for anyone who puts “eco-friendly” on their list of shopping priorities. Avocado’s marquee offering uses organic materials at each step, from the certified organic cotton of the supersoft cover (it’s also hand-stitched, by the way) to the certified organic wool that provides natural temperature control. The whole thing is needle tufted by hand and features—no joke—1,400-plus coils that provide support in different ergonomic ranges. You can choose between a standard or pillow-top top layer, and side handles make moving it that much easier. Plus this bed is notable for what isn’t in it: no polyester, no polyurethane foams, and no fire-retardant chemicals. It has basically every certification out there, and its latex is Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified and sourced from the company’s co-owned farmers’ collectives and processing facilities in India and Guatemala. 

Best Hybrid: WinkBeds The Eco Cloud

winkbed eco cloud

Sizes: Twin to California king | Firmness: Medium-firm | Sleep trial: 120 nights

What we like:

  • Hybrid utilizes coils and latex for maximum support
  • 4 inches of latex is slightly more than average
  • Considered very cooling

Worth noting:

  • Sleep trial requires you to keep it for at least 30 days

Why we chose it: Marries the edge support and motion-transfer properties offered by the best innerspring mattresses with the support and buoyancy of latex. 

There’s nothing worse than finally falling asleep, only to be woken an hour later by the tossing and turning of whomever you’re sharing your bed with. This mattress sets out to solve that problem: In addition to the individually wrapped coils, its 4-inch-tall Talalay latex is designed to be elastic, which in sleep language means it conforms to each body in the bed in a way that prevents motion from transferring. Edge support also goes to the next level here, with a proprietary-to-the-brand construction that helps prevent sagging, which will keep your bed in better shape over the years (without your phone or tush sliding off the side). A full replacement lifetime warranty (!) is a nod to how durable the product is, and every mattress is made to order and then conveniently shipped in a box. 

Best for the Indecisive: Spindle Organic Latex Mattress


Sizes: Twin to king | Firmness: Medium to medium-firm | Sleep trial: 365 nights 

What we like:

  • Adjustable firmness
  • Free shipping and delivery

Worth noting:

  • No California king

Why we chose it: An adjustable pillow top can change the softness level of this bed in a snap. 

Too firm, too soft: It’s an eternal debate, even when you sleep alone. Our bodies change over time, and so do our sleep needs—to say nothing of how illness and injury can temporarily call for more or less support from time to time. Each Spindle organic latex mattress comes with three 3-inch removable layers of soft, medium, and firm latex, and the cover unzips to allow you to change up the layering for your current preference—you can take things from medium-firm to medium-soft with no accessories required. (If you happen to relocate, this construction also makes it easier to heave into a van.) The brand offers comfort protection through its 25-year Comfort Life program, which enables customers to purchase additional layers of latex at a significant discount during the life of their mattress. 

How We Chose These Products

Let’s face it: The world of bedding is super-saturated and overwhelming, which can be doubly true when it comes to considerably new-to-market products like latex mattresses. At Domino, we strive to prioritize bedding brands that balance style, high-quality manufacturing, and eco-conscious attributes. Our editors and writers conducted hands-on testing when possible, and we tapped industry experts for their input, dug into brand stats, and undertook independent research to determine which latex mattresses combine the eco-conscious qualities shoppers love with the all-night support sleepers need. The thing is: There’s really no shortcut to finding your ideal mattress—you just have to try them (that’s why we like sleep trials!).

Our Shopping Checklist

Design and Materials

Latex mattresses, says Sleep Foundation’s Keith Cushner, have a unique feel: “They’re more responsive (bouncy) than polyfoam and memory foam,” he explains, but they still offer some of the body-contouring support of traditional foam. Latex as a natural material is fairly elastic, a quality that helps with motion control. With reinforced edge support, a latex mattress can feel as supportive as an innerspring mattress while still offering gentle relief for pressure points. Our picks include a fully latex supported option (in the case of Spindle) and hybrid models that tout cotton, wool, and coils.


Most latex mattresses come with a cotton cover, which can be padded or unpadded depending on which bed you’re ordering. While that can add softness, latex mattresses as a whole tend to be moderately firm (as opposed to ultra-firm or, in the other direction, soft). 

Eco-Friendly Attributes

Natural latex has several eco-conscious aspects to it. It’s biodegradable (as long as there’s no memory foam included, like in some hybrid models), naturally cooling (eliminating the need for infusions or gels), and hypoallergenic (it will repel dust mites and other unwelcome musty muck). Additionally, most of the companies that use latex in mattresses also focus on incorporating organic wool and cotton to make up the rest of the bed, as well as recycled coils in some cases. That means fewer chemicals and no off-gassing, a big concern for some shoppers. In general, our list also has a number of eco-certifications, from GOTS and GOLs to Greenguard and more.

Sleep Trials and Returns

Since the feel of latex will be new for most sleepers, sleep trials are even more crucial here. Most of our picks offer at least 120 nights, with some going up to 365 nights.  

Ask Domino

Q: Who shouldn’t get a latex mattress?

Since latex mattresses fall somewhere in the middle of the 1-to-10 firmness spectrum, they aren’t a great pick for anyone who needs a bed that is ultra-firm or ultra-soft. Side sleepers might find some latex beds too firm, though there are softer versions available (and we even put some of them on our list).

Q: How long will a latex mattress last?

Latex mattresses are, on average, more expensive than innerspring or foam mattresses, but they’re also a lot more durable: The material’s natural elasticity helps it bounce back quickly, which in turn helps it stay in good shape over time. A latex mattress well cared for can last for up to a decade, and often two.

Q: Will a latex mattress sag? 

All mattresses are in danger of dipping, and latex beds are no different—that’s why we like ones that offer edge support, which can combat sagginess. 

Q: Do latex mattresses need to be flipped?

Most latex mattresses are designed to not be flipped, and we wouldn’t suggest doing so. 

The Last Word

For eco-conscious shoppers, a latex mattress offers the sweetest of dreams: a comfy, supportive bed made using a natural material that can be harvested sustainably and processed organically. Our top pick, from Saatva, is an all-around favorite thanks to its hybrid construction and supporting cast of materials.