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Sleep is one of the main concerns that seems to bubble up when I chat with new moms. While the best bassinets come in handy, these baby sleep vessels can offer more than that—let’s talk infant bonding. In the case of the SNOO Smart Sleeper, a high-end cult favorite from the category, you get an intelligent trifecta: looks, customization, and automatic rocking. The smart bassinet’s corresponding app allows moms to log their baby’s sleep and nap time with setting adjustments based on various stimulants. You’re also given options to select preemie mode and weaning for transitions. Plus a crib sheet and three sleep-sack swaddles are bundled with every SNOO purchase. Most important, perhaps, is the fact that it is the first (and only) medical device that the FDA has classified as proven to keep sleeping babies safely on their backs. We love it for all of these reasons, but the one major catch—because there’s always a catch—is the sky-high price point, which brings us to the Amazon Prime Day SNOO sale.

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25% Off SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet

Smart Baby Bassinet Snoo
SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet, Happiest Baby ($1,356 was $1,695)

Developed by Harvey Karp, a pediatrician and founder of Happiest Baby, the SNOO is equipped with smart technology meant to simulate human contact. The device’s secure swaddling prevents rolling and automatically responds to your newborn’s fussing with soothing rumbly sounds and gentle rocking. If you want more proof, it’s all in the firsthand reviews of happy SNOO shoppers. 

One reviewer says it was the best middle-of-the-night purchase she’s ever made. “If you’re having a baby or trying for a baby, save up, do what you gotta do, and look for when it goes on sale, because, honestly, this bassinet is more necessary than pacifiers, diaper bags, and every baby item besides diapers.” Another adds, “The SNOO is a godsend. We’ve been using it for a month with our 4-week-old. He was sleeping for long stretches immediately in it. Just last night he slept for a total of nine hours overnight. The white-noise function is great.” There are hundreds of other reviews touting it as “totally lived up to the hype,” “great product, aesthetically pleasing, easy to bring on travels,” and “simply the greatest baby gear”—you get the picture.

It’s not a miracle cure—all babies are different, after all—and even the sale price might discourage you from considering it. (It certainly did for others who then decided to go all in.) But take into account the 30-day trial that offers free returns with a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied. That, combined with the safety features, good looks, and an over $400 off Prime Day discount.

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Most SNOO products offered in the Happiest Baby storefront are currently marked down for Amazon Prime Day, with accessories touting discounts of up to 40%. Deal highlights include the cute SNOObear white noise machine and SNOO Sleep Sack crafted from 100% organic cotton.

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