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What if you could cross vacuuming off your to-do list without having to haul something out of the closet or lift a finger? We like the sound of that and bet you do, too. Several Domino editors rely on robot vacuums for quick, hands-free cleaning; all you’ll have to do with our favorites is power up an app, press a button, or shout a simple voice command. And if you’re really keen on keeping this task hands-free, why not opt for a self-emptying model? A built-in dustbin means you won’t have to fiddle with dumping dirt and debris for extended periods of time (in some instances, nearly two months’ worth). On July 12 and 13, you can have a robovac delivered to your front door for a fraction of the usual cost during Amazon Prime Day 2022. 

Our picks are also equipped with a number of extra features compared to the standard robovac. Highlights include improved Wi-Fi connections; LIDAR laser technology that prevents these guys from running into walls or a pile of clothes; extra-high suction power; and multiple side brushes for optimum coverage. Bonus: There are even a couple mop-and-vacuum cleaners in one to simultaneously sweep and wash your floors—in addition to automatic dispensing. Are you sold yet? 

Robot Vacuum, iRobot® ($800 was $1,000)

While this robot transitions from hardwood to linoleum and back again without a single hiccup, it shines on fluffier floor coverings, leaving behind a satisfying trail in its wake across both low- and high-pile rugs. That just means it’s really getting into those fibers, and with the self-emptying base, you won’t have to worry about daily dumps of dust. And now you can save up to 50 percent on multiple iRobot vacuums

White Self-Emptying Roborock vacuum and mop
Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop, Robrock ($710 was $950)

Let this unit scrub and suck for up to 120 days before having to worry about emptying its dock. When you do, it automatically seals the dust bag, keeping messes contained and you from breathing in a cloud of dust. This vac-and-mop in one also filters 99 percent of particles.

Robot Vacuum, Shark ($300 was $550)

Save on this Shark robovac that, in addition to coming with a bagless base that can hold up 45 days’ worth of debris, features new and improved detangling brushes, so you don’t have to worry about breaking out a pair of shears to remove wrapped hair or pet fur. You can also upgrade to a larger version ($270 off) or opt for the smaller model.

Robot Vacuum, Yeedi ($500 was $550)

Three thousand Pa suction works simultaneously with this machine’s mop, which can tell when it comes across a soft surface and automatically pause its cleaning process to vacuum-only thanks to ultrasonic detectors. It can run for 200 minutes without operation, and when its battery starts to get dangerously low, it will return to its docking station to charge. 

Domino-Favorite Robovac Brands

Adding a robovac to your cleaning routine is still a major win, even if you do have to deal with a miniature-size dustbin. Our favorite brands have several options on sale for Prime Day, and they’re all slim (think: small enough to squeeze underneath your sofa and coffee table) and smart enough to not get stuck—at least not as often as older models. They’ll cover every square foot of your space, no matter how small or large.