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Despite the push from many companies to return to the office, it’s clear that working from home isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, even if it’s only a couple days a week. And if there were ever a time to give your workspace some love, it’s now: July 12 and 13, Amazon is hosting its annual Prime Day—or should we say days, plural. This year the sale is 48 hours of crazy–good discounts (expect more and more savings every hour!).

Upgrade from fluorescent lighting to a warm task lamp, or finally grab that standing desk to improve your typing posture. Whatever you need, be it pencils and pens or a full-blown monitor system, we found a deal for it. 

The Standing Desk

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, SHW ($300 was $360)

Whether you’re in the mood to sit or stand (or somewhere in between), this motorized desk moves with you. At 55 inches wide, it has room for two monitors, your coffee mug, and even a few mood-boosting plants. 

The Task Lamp

Pratt Brass Desk Lamp, Globe Electric Company ($44 was $55)

This adjustable brass task lamp will light the way for a late-night study sesh or gloomy morning meetings.

The Surge Protector

Multi Plug Outlet Surge Protecter, Tessan ($17 was $19)

Ensure all your devices are ready for whatever you need to handle with this surge protector that expands one outlet into three.

The Mini Vacuum

Table Vacuum Cleaner, TRZLIFE ($11 was $20)

Pesky snack-time crumbs, begone, thanks to this fun-size table vacuum that can tackle anything from crushed-up crackers to keyboard dust with the power of just two AA batteries. 

The Headphones

Fit Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Beats ($159 was $200)

Enjoy ultimate focus (or nap time) with this pair of noise-canceling earbuds, which features spatial audio to make your movies and video games that much more immersive.

The Catchall

round marble tray
8-Inch Round Carved Marble Tray, Creative Co-Op ($35 was $50)

Yes, this tray is carved out of real marble, which means it’s elegant enough to make your jumble of Post-its and paper clips look intentional.

The Secret Storage

teal drawer with smile face
Set of 2 Under Desk Drawer Organizers, Yiautao Store ($10 was $13)

Any surface—even your dining table!—can be a functional workstation when you pop these adhesive plastic drawers to the underside.