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Airtight front doors, good views, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are just a few perks that have proved to attract home buyers. Another surprising feature on their wish list? Recessed lighting. According to Redfin’s spring 2022 data, it’s the third most valuable element in a house, after a new kitchen and front patio. The catch is, although can lights are favorable in the real-estate market, they’re not so beloved by the interior design world.

The builder-grade fixtures drive designer Robert McKinley “nuts,” and Sean Ronnie Hill of Rise Design Studio would rather his lighting be able to swing around rather than stay stagnant over one focal point. If you’re on the side of the designers but own a place with the not-so-flattering but oh-so-common source of illumination, here are a few ways you can spice them up. 

Put the Bulbs on Dimmers

One of the primary issues with can lighting is the almost fluorescent glare. To solve this problem without a pricey renovation, opt for a dimmer switch to really set the mood. Warmer-toned lightbulbs will also help soften the glow. 

Use Table Lamps Instead

Really not a fan of overhead lighting? Close up the pots and embrace a selection of chic table lamps. On nightstands, kitchen islands, even bathroom vanities—a small fixture will cast a more ambient light.

Convert Them to Pendant Lights

If you’re up for a challenge or are willing to hire an electrician, purchase a conversion kit at your local hardware store (or Amazon) and simply hang the pendant shade of your choosing. Just because something is deemed more valuable by real-estate experts doesn’t mean you have to get on board.