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From calling it back in May as the most rad new decor trend of the year, to crowning it as the material of the moment in our summer issue, it’s clear that here at Domino we have concrete on the cranium. Personally, I find that there’s just something so hopeful about seeing talented designers take this prosaic substance, and fashion it into endlessly inventive, graceful objects.

But beyond these romantic notions remains the cold hard truth that concrete simply looks cool. It has a neutral color that feels clean and contemporary, plus an intriguing texture that plays well with everything from wood and metal to glass.

Given this growing obsession with the material, imagine my astonished delight when I found that Walmart.com has an oddly bountiful selection of concrete lamps. Lamps are an optimal avenue in which you can begin sprinkling this trend into your home without going full-on Brutalism.

That said, I realize that envisioning this unconventional material in your home might be a challenge. Therefore, in addition to handpicking my favorite concrete lamps, I’ve also taken the liberty of envisioning the type of personality best-suited to each style. Find the vibe that resonates with you most deeply, and bring the fitting design home (with free, two-day shipping mind you). None of these sound like you? Ignore my presumptions and cement your own path to exceptional

statement lighting

You Enjoy Construction Sites and the Theater

table lamp with concrete base
Drexel Table Lamp, Walmart ($107)

You live for the raw energy of the city, the constant tearing down and building up. And yet, any given weekend we might find you in an elegant ensemble en route to Broadway’s next big thing. Our resident cool girl, Elaina Sullivan, coined the category of “construction-chic” in our summer issue. If that moniker fits, you’ll be magnetized to the juxtaposition of porous concrete block, and stately white linen shade in this statement table lamp.

You’re Up at 6 AM Doing Yoga in Futuristic Workout Gear

table lamp with gray base
Industrial Portable Lamp, Walmart ($83)

You may make the rest of us feel like our lives are in relative shambles, but we do grudgingly respect you. Not only do you take your pursuits seriously, but you somehow also manage to look incredibly put together while doing it. You might as well apply this ethos to your space with this minimalistic design.

You (Aspire) to Live Somewhere In Brooklyn with Copious Exposed Brick

floor lamp with gray base
Afton Polished Concrete and Oil Rubbed Bronze Floor Lamp, Walmart

This industrial gentleman was made for a softly lit, exposed brick apartment, with a vinyl record wafting jazzy tunes into the smoky ambiance. If that describes your apartment, or, if that’s how you picture your future apartment while you sit cross-legged in a “converted-closet-flex-bedroom,” you should give this floor lamp a look.

You Make Really Tasteful Flower Arrangements

table lamp
Dansk Table Lamp, Walmart ($173)

This is one of the best lamp silhouettes I’ve seen this year. The simple, rounded, components of this shape are proportioned in a masterfully satisfying way. If you have the gift to form florals into delicately-sculptural arrangements, you will also feel this one in your soul.

You Have a Spotless Kitchen Cabinets with Innovative Knobs & Pulls

concrete pendant light
10” Natural Concrete Pendant, Walmart ($153)

This concrete pendant is calling for that kitchen-renovation-adventurer who has already pulled together streamlined cabinets, inventive hardware, and needs some next-level lighting to pull their vision together.

You’ve Committed to Wearing White Linen All Summer and Are Looking Great Doing It

Elegant Painted Concrete Base Table Lamp
25″ Elegant Painted Concrete Base Table Lamp, Walmart ($269)

While most of us are stressing about how to deal with mid-summer heat, you’re practically floating over the hot pavement, breezy garments fluttering about you. Bring this same effortlessness to your interior with the washed poise of this painted concrete table lamp.

You’re Vacationing in Joshua Tree Without Needing to Instagram Every Moment

Coral Finish Concrete Table Lamp
Coral Finish Concrete Table Lamp, Walmart ($87)

The shape and color of this matte, terra cotta form are exuding major desert landscape vibes. Injecting the concrete texture with this dusty red-clay hue will suit your habitat if you enjoy hiking through earth-toned scenes and don’t feel the need to immediately update your Instagram stories.

Your Child is Designing Their Own 3D-Printed Toys

Zuo Faith Ceiling Lamp in Concrete
Zuo Faith Ceiling Lamp in Concrete, Walmart ($46)

As soon as I saw this playful ceiling light I could instantly picture it in an advanced children’s playroom. By “advanced,” I mean that while most kids are content playing with plastic figurines from the toy store, this child is 3D-printing their own anatomically correct Brachiosaurus models. Light up late-night science experiments with a fixture that grounds youthful pops of color, with mature concrete housings.

You Have a Museum Subscription and Actually Use It

table lamp with concrete base
Concrete and Iron Faceted Pear-Shaped Light Gray Table Lamp, Walmart ($58)

This piece subverts the typical pear-shaped-base both through a material and faceted surface. This geometrically sculptural light source will serve you well as you pour over the new David Hockney book you picked up at The Met.

You Have the Best Rare Succulent Collection In Town

concrete accent lamp with edison light bulb
Soleil Accent Lamp, Walmart ($70)

Don’t let your miniature botanic garden go dark when the sun sets. Introduce your plant-children to this clever accent light that will keep them well lit by night, while not overwhelming their diminutive stature.

You’re a Mixologist at a Speakeasy Called Something Like, “Epiphyllum”

Chico Open-top Smoky Glass & Concrete Table Lamp
Chico Open-top Smoky Glass & Concrete Table Lamp, Walmart ($60)

While you’re not busy serving the cities most mysterious influencers challenging-yet-delicious summer cocktails, I imagine that you are curating an equally moody and mystical spell in your own space. Add this smoky glass and concrete torch to cast a warm glow over the rich leathers and silks of your interior.

If You Own Healing Crystals and a Virtual Reality Headset

geometric table lamp
Mangano 14” Table Lamp, Walmart ($230)

This otherworldly table lamp contrasts a crystal ball-like globe shade with a blocky base that’s transmitting space-age architectural vibes. It would serve as a superb solution for a bedside lamp that stays low-profile and casts a warm glow from an unconventional form.

If Your Dream House is a Newly-Renovated Castle

polished concrete and oil rubbed bronze table lamp
Polished Concrete and Oil Rubbed Bronze LED Table Lamp, Walmart ($180)

You live for the unexpected and have a deep appreciation for both traditional styles and contemporary minimalism. Find the intersection of these seemingly opposed ideals in this peculiarly attractive table lamp. The light shade is reminiscent of an antique sconce, and yet stems from a narrow modernist concrete slab. This piece isn’t for everyone, but if your Pinterest board includes both French Chateaus and Le Corbusier, it might be the one for you.

If You Are Really Great at Meditating

concrete pendant light
Alana Pendant Light, Walmart ($95)

There’s something deliberately serene about this pendant light. I’m not sure if it’s the rounded, sloping shape, the satisfyingly distinct segments of concrete, polished wood, and black cord, or because I’m picturing it gently lighting a perfectly clean marble kitchen island. Regardless, if you’re committed to a lifestyle of calming breath and mindful intentions, you can bring this focus into every moment of your home be selecting objects that project a sense of tranquility.


If Your Apartment Gets Perfect Light for Sunset Selfies

concrete and metal table lamp
Richie Cylindrical 19” Table Lamp, Walmart ($139)

This lamp is the perfect brass material. It’s not too yellow-tinted, it’s not too shiny. It has a sophisticated lustre that can only become more lovely when lit up. Furthermore, in order to not give us too much of a good thing, it’s been set on a paired-down base in a complementary concrete. Picture this piece catching the last, rich saffron rays of the sunset, and then imagine how good your selfies will be.