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The new year is all about a fresh start—think healthier resolutions, some new goals, and our personal favorite, a little home makeover. For Bri Emery, design and art director behind the popular home decor blog designlovefest, that desire for a new home in the new year led her to partner with Behr and incorporate their Color of the Year (a moody blue hue) into her entryway.

She explains, “People who read my blog or follow me on Instagram know my style is typically feminine, bright, and colorful. When my boyfriend moved into my home this June, I knew I’d have to switch things up to make sure it felt like our space, not just mine. We spend a lot of time entertaining and cooking meals with friends at home, so I wanted to make sure the first place guests see would be well-curated, cool and inviting.”

The entryway was therefore transformed from a cheerful, sunny space filled with white walls and bright accents into a calm area that relies on its muted shades to give it a sense of sophistication. “The paint color I picked for the walls—In The Moment, the Behr 2018 Color of the Year—really set the tone for the entire space. It’s a fresh mix of blue, green, and gray that pairs just as well with bold shades of terra cotta orange and nude as it does with my black and white furniture. Overall, the space feels moody and relaxing now,” she says.

We love how the entryway still relies on subtle pops of color to make sure the space maintains its relaxed and cheerful vibe. “I’m predicting that darker, moodier colors will come back into style this year—even in rooms that are traditionally calmer or more subdued like nurseries, and in small spaces like hallways and bathrooms,” says Emery. “Dark usually intimidates people, but it doesn’t have to.”

Another favorite of Emery’s is the all-white look, as seen in the bedroom. (Check out some of our other favorite all-white bedrooms here.) “

Scandinavian style

is also influencing a lot of the decor trends I’m seeing right now,” she says. “For example, brighter shades of cupcake pink are turning into more neutral, nude hues, in line with the cozy vibes of the Danish philosophy of hygge. Soft textures and clean lines can make for such a warm, relaxing space.”

And with that note, Emery also insists she’s over maximalism: “Overdone spaces need to go. In all areas of my life, I’m trying to stick to having fewer, better things—which certainly applies to what’s in my home. I’m focusing on curating and investing in pieces that are both meaningful and eye-catching, rather than cluttering my home with lots of ‘stuff’ just to fill space,” she says.


Want to bring some new trends into your home this new year, but not sure where to start? “My advice is to start small,” says Emery. “If there’s a certain color or design theme that’s calling your name, try first incorporating a few pieces in spaces you use often—your kitchen, bedroom, living room—to maximize the enjoyment they bring while they’re in style. Textiles like pillows and throw blankets, painted accent pieces, or other small furnishings are great places to start, too. If you’re still loving the trend after a few months, that’s when you should consider incorporating bigger pieces.”

Another easy, inexpensive way to switch up home decor? Think changing the color of your walls. “Paint is such an easy way to bring bold color into your home—it’s budget-friendly, and if you don’t fall in love with the final look, you can always paint over it,” says Emery. “If you’re making a home decor resolution this year, start by painting one or two rooms you use often in a daring shade. Use the space for a few months, and then see how it’s changed how you experience in that room. I think you’ll find that color really does impact the mood and energy in a room, and it might inspire you to have a little more fun with your home decor in the future.”

“Personally, I’ve been slowly bringing in darker shades into my home with paint, pillows, artwork, and smaller accents. I’ve watched my home go from this bright white space into something that feels more intentional and thought out. Although I love an all-white space, I think it can be playing it a little safe. You will be seeing a lot more black in my decor this year too. It feels good to take a few more risks.”

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