The Only Lighting Trends You Need to Know, According to Top Interior Designers

A room-by-room breakdown.
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Not all statement lights are created equal and not all statement lights are created for every room. Each area in your home is unique, which is why the lighting you choose for that given space should illuminate that room’s purpose and style. After all, you wouldn’t stick a full-size sectional in your walk-in closet just because you want somewhere to sit while you dress, right?

Because overhead lighting trends change faster than you can say “Poul Henningsen’s PH5 Pendant Lamp,” we asked a few of our go-to interior designers for the fixtures that are going to shine bright in 2019. Ranging from retro lanterns to fashion-forward chandeliers, here are seven fixtures you can expect to see in every room next year.

In the Bedroom

What: LED Chandeliers

Looks best when: You embrace contemporary shapes elsewhere.

Get the look: Tania LED Chandelier, Vonn, $356.99

Designer and author of Clean Design Robin Wilson’s prediction for the New Year means futuristic allure for our sacred havens.

“The use of LED strips in chandeliers and fixtures, which are also linked to smart home controls, will be the biggest trend in 2019,” she declares. “I love circular shapes because they suggest unity and calm a space with a clean design aesthetic.”

While LED fixtures can tend to feel cold or impersonal, embrace this fixture’s natural curves by bringing in equally sculptural accents that encourage zen. The soft, dimmable lighting will only make it easier to wind down at night.

In the Kids’ Room

What: Noguchi’s lantern

Looks best when: Oversize is the point.

Get the look: Akari Light Sculpture in Model 125 F, The Noguchi Museum, $1,335

According to Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs, Noguchi’s Akari fixture is the “wow” moment any small space needs. For high impact in tight quarters, she suggests opting for the lantern in its largest size.

Playing with the scale to an almost silly degree over office desks, dining tables, and beds. It’s an organic sculptural fixture that has timeless appeal, but when it’s installed in the extra-large size, it makes for a fresh statement,” shares Myers.

In the Bathroom

What: Leather

Looks best when: Offset by metallics.

Get the look: Leather Romantic Chandelier, Ngala Trading Company, $3,725

“Leather is a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe, so it}s only fitting that it would make a fashionable entrance into the world of lighting. The soft, almost feminine draping of the leather combined with the rigid brass band creates the tension that every space needs. It would be the perfect statement maker in a powder bath, especially paired with a graphic wallpaper and marble touches,” says Carmeon Hamilton of Nubi Interiors.

In the Entryway

What: “Necklace” chandeliers

Looks best when: Designated as the showstopper.

Get the look: Tiffany Chandelier, Arteriors, $2,600

Moving on from the use of conventional metals and natural materials, Nashville-based designer Andria Fromm is ready for the next big trend to hit retailers—and she wants it to take a turn for the artistic.

“I’ve always thought of lighting as jewelry for the space and I am seeing the ‘statement necklace’ have a moment in the lighting industry,” she says. “We’re seeing so much metal mixing that we need to bring in a different element that will complement that but add a softness to the space. Sculptural, cloudy glass offers that unique element.

Think of this statement fixture as an upgrade on the traditional crystal chandelier. Great for transitional rooms like the foyer or hallway, a piece as stunning as this will speak for itself.

In the Living Room

What: Fixtures with structure

Looks best when: It’s a bridge for opposing styles.

Get the look: Triad 6, Apparatus Studio, approximately $6,400

“I think lighting in 2019 is about modern, understated architecture—strong statements with simple, organic shapes and materials,” says Dee Murphy of Murphy Deesign. “These pieces are perfect for the right ‘mix’ between aesthetics.”

Very few of us adhere solely to one style. Whether you’re space blends vintage and modern or boho and rustic, let lighting be a point of connection for opposing viewpoints. Fixtures with strong movements and elaborate serve as strong visual anchors.

In the Office

What: Statement sconces

Looks best when: You play up color.

Get the look: Lepore Acrylic Sconce, Dutton Brown, $159

“I think the big statement for 2019 is going to be statement sconces. You can put a small, colorful statement sconce in pretty much any space to add a bit of whimsy and interest,” says Kahi Lee, interior designer on TLC’s Trading Spaces and While You Were Out.

Add some whimsy to your work routine by playing up a fun pop of royal blue or pumpkin orange by the desk.

In the Dining Room

What: Cage fixtures

Looks best when: Surrounded by warm and cozy textures.

Get the look: Z5 Black Sisal Net in Grey, Ay Illuminate, price upon request

This hot lighting tip comes from none other than the queen of vintage and HGTV host behind Restored by the Fords Leanne Ford. Along with oversize and warehouse lighting, Ford loves wire netting for an industrial take on the dining space.

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