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After 15 years as a household name, fashion brand Loeffler Randall, led by founder and creative director (and one of Domino’s original cover stars) Jessie Randall, opened its first-ever brick-and-mortar retail space in New York’s SoHo yesterday, designed in collaboration with Unionworks’s Poonam Khanna. Having first signed the lease in the beginning of 2020—and unexpectedly shutting down construction just a few months later due to the pandemic—Randall has had extra time to dream up a shop that perfectly encapsulates her brand. “To be able to share all the little things that we care about so much, and be able to have the full breadth of our collection in one place, is so exciting for me,” Randall tells Domino’s editor-in-chief, Jessica Romm Perez, on this week’s episode of Design Time (out today on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). 

The store, where soft roses and creams mix with natural woods and woven jutes, feels like the very soul of the beloved brand come to life, promising a whole new look at the bow-adorned heels, chunky knits, and buttery leather handbags fans have come to love over the years. So to get in the opening-day spirit, pop in your headphones and get inspired by Randall’s favorite patterns (she loves a ditzy floral), trusted vintage sources, and the things inspiring her right now. Read on for a sneak peek. 

Design Heroes

I come from a very crafty family on both sides. My grandfather had a little wood toy company; my mom is an incredible knitter. I’m just very inspired by people who work within craft traditions. I love when people are genuinely making something useful for their family. Of course, there are millions of labels and designers that I admire, but when I think about something that really inspires me, it’s those people.

Favorite Color Pairing

I love a really deep green, like the kind of green you would see on a tile from Morocco, paired with a lighter shade.

Material of the Moment

I love natural, raw materials that maybe aren’t super-fancy. I had a huge bolt of muslin at the beginning of the pandemic that I crafted with.

Hotel Hitmaker

The Beldi Country Club outside of Marrakech. It’s just a beautiful spa setting in the middle of the country. It houses a ceramics studio where you can make pottery. There’s also a rose garden. It’s an incredible place.

Dream Destination

I’ve never been to Greece, and I want to go so badly. I feel like it would be so inspiring to be there.

Photography by Vesela Vaclavikova/Unsplash

Go-To Design Object

I’m currently obsessed with the lighting fixtures that we use in our store by this French company called George’s Store. Lighting is so crazy-expensive and it frustrates me, so I love these fixtures because they’re really quite affordable and beautiful. They look like flower petals hanging down. I’m thinking that they may end up at my house soon, too.

Bedside Book

I have this vintage book in my office that I always love to look at—it’s called Smocks and Smocking. It’s from the ’70s and about different smocking techniques. I could just page through it for hours.

Plant Pick

I love rubber plants because you can’t really kill them and they’re beautiful. I’ve tried to have fiddle-leaf figs, but they’re impossible to keep alive.

Vintage Source

I would always travel to Los Angeles and go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, but now I can’t do that as much. I definitely do more of my vintage sourcing online now. My favorite home store, I would say, is Clic Gallery. Everything in there is sort of casual luxury, which I really love.
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Iconic Space

Casa Wabi in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. It has the most simple but stunningly beautiful elements. There’s a big cement circular space, and there’s a pool that’s a very thin, long rectangle that goes out into the horizon. It’s just so gorgeous.

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