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At first we noticed it appearing here and there in the homes of some of our favorite people. Then, as the ’70s rebirth reached a rusty-orange-colored fever pitch, the message became inescapably clear: Burl wood is back. It was even named one of the year’s biggest hits by designers—so of course we’re thinking about how to get in on the decades-old trend. 

Burl’s draw is its timelessness. The naturally occurring wood pattern is the reason why Milo Baughman’s instantly recognizable pieces in the material have stood the test of time. It also just looks really cool; it’s like a marble-and-wood hybrid. 

The best way to bring one of these pieces home is to go the vintage route, but not everyone can find a true 1970s treasure lurking in their local thrift store—and that’s where we come in. These contemporary items will help you access the style at every price point (even if you only have space for a decorative accent). 


If You’re Ready for an Investment Piece

Marisa Burl Wood Desk, CB2 ($799)

This chunky table is technically a desk, but we would make it the focal point of our dining room. Paired with some equally retro seating (might we suggest a cantilever chair?), the entire look is groovy but in a good way. 

Harrison Two-Tier Burl Side Table, Neiman Marcus ($1,329)

Whether you use it to stack coffee-table books in your living room or house your favorite bedtime essentials in your bedroom, you can’t go wrong with this naturally gorgeous side table. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 10.51.45 AM
Biggs Stool, Worlds Away ($1,004)

If you have a vanity that needs a stool, we recommend this cushy option. Style it simply à la this Nashville home, so the detail in the wood really stands out. 

Emmett Coffee Table, Williams-Sonoma ($1,197)

Consider this the antidote to a big, empty living room: It will anchor the space and contrast nicely against any other darker materials you may have. Build out the rest of the area accordingly.  


Cenotaph Lamp, The Future Perfect ($3,450)

Made from a combination of cast bronze and aged buckeye burl, this fancy little lamp is well worth the price tag. Display it in a prominent spot. 

If You Want to Start With Something Smaller

Burled Wood Photo Frame, Burke Decor ($56)

You know those photos you printed months ago and then promptly forgot about? Make it your weekend project to finally hang them, and let these frames inspire you.

Buckeye Burl Vase, Melanie Abrantes Designs ($75)

Melanie Abrantes’s one-of-a-kind burl vessels deserve a spot on your mantel. Because the design is so carefully constructed, we recommend going minimalist: Keep the vase empty or add just a sprig or two of eucalyptus. 

Wood Wall Lamp, Etsy ($277)

This Etsy find is a bit unusual, and that’s precisely why we love it. The sconce almost looks like a full moon (especially with the glow behind it) and would be great soft lighting for an entry or bedroom. 


Marq Square Tray, CB2 ($40)

What will you keep in these handy trays? We’re thinking our go-to beauty products (no more rifling through crowded medicine cabinets) or tchotchkes—just right for a coffee table. 

Tissue Box, Ladorada ($155)

Tissues are probably one of the least exciting utilitarian items you keep around the house—this box is about to change that. 

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