Published on December 13, 2019

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Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson for Maison de la Luz

In the past few years, we collectively decided that we’d throw out all our “unnecessary” belongings in the name of Marie Kondo and the Scandinavian design craze. We ripped out patterned wallpapers in favor of simple gray walls; kicked ornate heirlooms to the curb for clean-lined, white oak furniture; and replaced the last remaining inches of chintz with slabs of marble. That is, until now.

On the heels of the Downton Abbey movie release, something a bit more opulent is bubbling up in the decor world: Victoriana. It started with the recent Guccification of all things fashion and design—suddenly, sofa fringes and needlepoint were cool again. In August, our suspicions that the turn-of-the-century style was making a comeback were confirmed with the launch of Soho Home’s collection for Anthropologie, which boasts spindle legs and pleated silk lampshades. Want to feel like you’re living in a British manor? These moody, maximalist accents will get you there.

If your favorite ritual is burning incense…

Make it mysterious with a Gucci toile de Jouy dish topped with a porcelain bee. 

If you’re on the hunt for a conversation starter…

Skip the Netflix marathons in favor of deep talks with this mustard-hued tasseled tête-a-tête.

If your aesthetic is English garden…

House of Hackney’s blackthorn-printed velvet pillow features a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it skull motif that gives just the right dose of drama.

If afternoon tea is your favorite meal…

Sip your Earl Grey in a dainty porcelain two-tone cup by Seletti. 

If you love a good self-care moment…

This black-and-gold–fringed pouf is just the thing to pull up to your bedroom vanity.

If your mantel is missing a grandiose mirror…

Reflect all your new maximalist, candlelit decor in this vintage-inspired design from Anthropologie.

If you host murder-mystery dinner parties on the regular…

Gucci’s bloodred lacquered chair with a floral embroidered seat is just the thing to help set the scene in your dining room.

If your studio apartment could use some privacy…

This scalloped garden-printed screen will add both intimacy and something much more interesting to look at than your bed.

If you’re only interested in the real deal…

Victorian-inspired items are great, but nothing beats originals, like this ornate silver-plated tray from the 1950s.

If you’d like Soho House to be your second home…

Give your bedroom a timeless flair with a pair of nightstands with beaded legs and antique mirrored tops from the company’s Anthropologie collaboration. 

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