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No matter how much we clean or how many plants have found a home in our living room, there’s no denying it: Invisible allergens are still lurking around every day. Thankfully, the best air purifiers can help with that, and on July 12 and 13, you can snag a great deal on one during Amazon Prime Day 2022. 

These units range, however, in size and strength. If you need to freshen up the air in a huge, open-plan home, you’ll want to opt for something on the larger size, perhaps as tall as a fan tower. For a small bedroom or office, you can get away with a machine as petite as a table lamp. And to help you out? We took on the deep dive and rounded up all our favorites (with discounts anywhere from 15 to 60 percent off), so you can spend less time searching for the right fit and more time hitting “add to cart.”

Bonus: We found a few new options on the market that are smart enough to be controlled via an app or voice command, or digitally reveal what they’ve captured after each use. 

Best for Big Rooms 

If you need to scrub a space that’s 900 square feet or bigger, we recommend shopping for an oversize air purifier. While they can be a bit bulky, their heft offers more room for multiple fans and a larger filter (that also promise to trap odors as small as smoke), but that doesn’t necessarily make them operate any louder (phew!).

Best for Small Rooms 

For rooms between 100 and 400 square feet, tap a powerful unit that does more than just trap particles in a HEPA filter. Our favorites win extra points for being whisper quiet and well designed (one of the options, below, offers a more colorful selection aside from the standard white in a trendy green and light pink).