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There are plenty of ways we try to keep our bodies healthy—drink enough water, get plenty of sleep, dabble in meditation—but what about keeping our homes in shape, too? A new study from Dyson revealed that 77 percent of people say the reason they clean up dust is to maintain a healthy home.

In fact many respondents said they didn’t know that household dust can contain viruses (though the jury is still out on whether or not the particles can transmit disease), and ever since COVID-19, 59 percent of people have been cleaning their homes more frequently—no surprise there. 

In the spirit of spring cleaning (it’s almost spring, right?), we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to remove dust in the places you don’t always immediately think of, as in: When was the last time you took a good look at your ceiling fans? Here are our favorites.


For Houseplants

Redecker Goat Hair Leaf Cleaning Brush, Amazon ($51)

Yes, even your plant babies can gather dust particles, which makes leaves look dull and can even block sunlight from getting to your greens. This handy two-sided duster does the job—and also works great on window blinds. 

For Bookshelves

Microfiber Dusters, Amazon ($14)

These dusters slide along shelves and catch every little bit of debris in-between knickknacks. And they’re retractable, so you don’t have to strain to reach the top shelf. 

For Ceiling Fans

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 1.25.29 PM
Andrée Jardin Vintage-Inspired French Ceiling Fan Brush, Food 52 ($46)

Ever look up at your ceiling fans and think: Ew? This handy wood brush scrapes away buildup from the blades. 

For Everywhere Else

HDX Microfiber Towel Set, Amazon ($20)

Microfiber cloths can get in just about every nook and cranny, and they hold onto dirt instead of moving it around. This 18-pack of washable ones should last you years. 


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