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Okay, we know it’s hard to think about going back to school (or work) when we’re in the midst of planning summer vacations and beach trips, but once you take a look at Chip and Joanna Gaines’s new collection from the Hearth & Hand With Magnolia line for Target, you just might change your mind.

The rustic, modern farmhouse lifestyle brand by the HGTV stars has been making waves ever since it released last fall, with each new collection focusing on a different aspect of design. Spring, for instance, focused on more indoor pieces like workspaces and dining, while summer was all about the outdoors. But even though the duo expanded into the home office space a while ago, they hadn’t yet focused on all aspects of desk decor and organizing… until now.

The fall collection just debuted with over 40 items in the organizing space, and includes everything you need to check off that to-do list in style, including inspirational decor, storage boxes, backpacks, pencil cases, stamps, and even a fan.

“I love this collection because it has something for everyone and every workspace,” said Joanna herself in a statement. “The wooden pencil holder ($9.99) and two-tier paper tray ($24.99) are great for desktop storage, while the pivot world globe ($34.99) and lined chalkboard ($13.99) will add elements of nostalgia and personality to any creative space.”

As for the pieces we’re loving? A gold and muted blue writing pad ($6.99) is the perfect blend of sweet and sophisticated, and a motivational sign ($12.99) in matte black metal is just the pep talk you’ll need every Monday morning. Smart storage has also been addressed in this brand new line, with a silver wire basket ($24.99) and a two-tiered tray ($24.99) to keep all your papers organized.

In fact, the line as a whole is decidedly more muted than the summer collection was with its brightly colored ceramics and bold textiles—the only pops of color really come from the more forest greens (hello, PPG Color of the Year) and reds in the line. But the rich blacks, metallic accents, and natural woods really stand out, evoking the modern farmhouse look the duo is known for.

This new collection is just one of a slew of projects the two have been working on since the end of Fixer Upper (still not over it). From a new restaurant, a cookbook, Joanna’s upcoming design book, and even a children’s clothing line, there is so much from the HGTV couple to look forward to, you’re almost guaranteed to never be without Chip and Jo news.

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