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Whether by choice or by circumstance, when you’re living small there’s no one better to be than a minimalist. The fact that you already want to live with less makes keeping a tidy home that much easier. Just try being a pattern-obsessed maximalist or down-right pillow hoarder in a 300-something square-foot apartment. But just because you’ve chosen a path of simplicity doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your personal sense of style. That’s why, when it comes to sourcing minimally-designed, multifunctional goods that wow—from streamlined storage finds to essentialist-inspired furniture—, there are a few key brands we keep in our back pocket at all times. Want to live a life of elevated simplicity? Read on for some of our favorite shops and online destinations that will help your style get there.


Of all the small space hacks we love, nothing compares to a stellar mounted shelf. One brand making the most of otherwise wasted wall space? Meet Gejst, a Danish design company that’s made it their personal mission to solve all your tiny kitchen woes in the sleekest way possible. With the help of powerful magnetic siding and attachable hooks, boxes, and trays their Flex shelves let you keep precious counter space clear.

SP01 Design

Conceived in Australian and made in Italy, we love SP01 for their apartment-friendly, hand-finished furniture and utilitarian approach. Clean compositions and double-duty furniture are just two elements the brand knows well. Bound by a steel frame, their tiered coffee tables are classic in form and compact by nature.


Contrary to popular belief, there’s no one way to be a minimalist. While some may see their home strictly in terms of black and white, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to forgo the rainbow. With an eye for contemporary vignettes and penchant for color, HAY has become a leading voice for those in favor of the untraditional. From intensely hued sectionals to stackable trays, their products are not only as versatile as it gets, but they’re also just fun to be around.


While we’ve already established that Muji is the best kept secret for small spaces, we feel the need to reiterate our love for the Japanese retailer. For almost 30 years, the logo-less brand has stood by their commitment to produce eco-friendly everyday essentials—from fashion to furniture. Often tending toward the neutral and organic, their pieces set out to make the most of the places and spaces you lack. No closet? House your go-to pieces on a streamlined hanger rack instead. No home office? Pretend you do by creating a private workstation with one of their oak shelving units. 


Driven by her love for stylish simplification, Suzanne Potts’ color-charged perspective and space-savvy pieces live up to her company’s name. Bold and seriously useful, Nomess’ products—which range from powder-coated coat hooks to hot pink jewelry boxes—take care of clutter in an instant. Bedside books getting out of hand? Try this mod nightstand on for size. While Nomess is based out of Denmark, they brand has in select storefronts in the US.

Minus tio

Nintendo, dark Nordic winters, and Sigurd Lewerentz are just a few things that inform the creative minds at Minus tio. Taking cue from Sweden circa 1980, their smart storage pieces often feature industrial materials and playful lines. A quick fix for a nonexist entryway, this coat rack-turned-shelf is the catch all you never knew you needed.


Born in Toronto in 1979, Umbra has long been revered for their intelligent houseware products worldover. In addition to their poised, straightforward goods—like a caddy that can be mounted over the showerhead or hung over a door and metallic hanging planters—Umbra Shift (a design-focused extension of Umbra) features contemporary homewares that may have less of a practical purpose, but look cool nonetheless. Can you guess where we’ll be stashing our latest Spring issue?

Norm Architects

Given our current fixation with matte black accents, our respect for this Copenhagen-based company is strong. Masters in restraint, their attention to detail and timeless aesthetic shines in their newest collaboration with Lagom Bath. Visually clean and undeniably crisp, the collection strips hooks and hardware of the extraneous; returning them to their most essential forms. Their furnishings, art, and other home accessories also reflect their back-to-basics ethos.   


Though it might seem unnatural for any self-professed minimalist to fill their home with more things, sometimes you need stuff to, well, hold onto all your other stuff. Clever hooks, ingenious clothing racks, and multipurpose organizers is what Yamazaki does best. Their simplified designs make staying tidy an effortless pursuit.


What began in 2010 as an online sourcebook for impeccable minimalists designs has since expanded into a curated, online shop, repping a slew of products and brands that skew toward the sculptural and the multifunctional. Pulling triple duty as a mirror, shelf, and hook, Montreal-based studio mpgmb’s Orphism Mirrors are just one example of the many creative and impactful finds you’ll discover on their site.

Studio Snng

After seven years of working for an architecture firm, Shengning Zhang, founder of this Brooklyn-based studio, set out on his own in the hope of encouraging contemplation through simply made, beautifully designed products. Available in ash, white oak, walnut, and wool trivet, Zhang’s much-loved Miro Dining Table may be simple in form, but there’s more to it than first meets the eye.


Started by two friends and former co-workers, Tariq and Nick, TRNK NYC was created with the minimalist homebody in mind. Decidedly contemporary, a touch masculine, and vintage-inspired, their products will encourage you to stick to only what’s necessary.

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