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For those of us who don’t have the luxury of making major decorative changes per season, it’s all about the little swaps with big impacts. Bringing in a textured piece or fresh textile can drastically alter the look and feel of a room, ushering it from one season to the next. Here, we rounded up a handful of our favorite, seasonal fabrics to help you gear up for the cold winter months ahead.


Toss a chunky knit at the base of your bed, and it’s magically ready for those chilly evenings. Here’s your opportunity to experiment with a bold texture or fresh layer of color! This year, we’re all for the pieces that come in large loose knits, resulting in an effortlessly stylish finish and one seriously cozy cover.


The sheer versatility of a sheepskin is what scores it a spot on our list. As one of very few materials that can seamlessly translate from season to season, it’s a piece that can also live within a number of scenes in a home. Whether it be casually strewn at the foot of the bed or purposefully paired with a contrasting surface (such as a bench or a chair), the sheepskin’s oh-so-cozy quality makes it a decorative staple.


It seems like velvet is everywhere these days, and we’re not one to complain. Not only does the fabric extend a luxurious element to a decor scheme, it embodies a rich and defining finish that is essentially incomparable. Ditch the synthetic poly felt (composed of polyester fibers) in lieu of this elevated variety. While investing in a bigger piece of furniture (simply for the texture) may be unreasonable, you may easily opt for a smaller accent piece such as a velvet throw pillow or pouf. 


One of the great qualities of linen is that it easily adapts to its surround. In the summer, it will extend a cooling factor to your bed, while in the winter, it will provide warmth and heat. Aside from the fact that it’s visually appealing, comfortable, and chic, it’s also a natural material that is great for the skin!


It’s not often that we come across a tweed piece that’s not in the form of a sofa or chair. This texture-rich material is well-defined and allows you to sneak in a motley of colors, all in a single piece. When it comes to layering textures in the living room or bedroom, swap out the lightweight fabrics of summer in lieu of this thicker assortment!

Wool A thick wool rug in an unexpected shade can do wonders for a space. This colorful piece from the Aelfie x Studio Proba collection is only proof. The rug’s subtle textural details impart a dynamic decor element that errs towards the effortlessly chic aesthetic. We’re all for incorporating this natural material into a home’s design in the form of a cozy landing piece!

Woven Basics From delicate cashmere throws to the handwoven cotton variety, a graphically-printed texture is the defining characteristic that completes a decor scheme. Spring for a piece that features a subdued color tone or an intricately patterned motif.