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When in Rome, everywhere you go you’re met with visual inspiration, from your morning visit to the Pantheon to your afternoon stroll through the Villa Borghese to your nightcap at a small wine bar in Monti. But the best design ideas might actually be found in your hotel room.

The Eternal City is home to countless boutique accommodations, all offering their own take on Italian style. While some opt for full-on ’70s modernism, others pair 19th-century bones with contemporary fixtures. Simply put: No matter how you define your aesthetic, you’re sure to find something that will appeal to your sensibilities. But there’s no need to catch a flight to soak up Italian vibes if that’s not the in the cards—just take a look at these rooms and do as the Romans do in your own home.

Double up your wardrobe and headboard

Consider this room in Condominio Monti a masterclass in small-space styling. If you’re sorely lacking in closets, a custom build like this bold structure can function as headboard, wardrobe, and nightstands in one. So worth the effort. 

Opt for a floor-to-ceiling mural

If you don’t want to go all-out on a dramatic bedspread or headboard, Elizabeth Unique Hotel offers a fun suggestion: Why not try a mural? A grayscale landscape fits in with this room’s neutral palette while adding welcome dimension to the big expanse of wall.

Skip the gallery wall

There’s no need to stock up on nails or Command strips. Here, Hotel Vilòn makes a case for layering framed artwork on one long shelf. Nature prints, each a different size, create the perfect trifecta.

Pair ornate architecture with eclectic details

The architects behind Nobildonne Relais preserved the frescos and mosaic floors they found in what used to be a stately Roman home—and then they added modern furniture in bold hues to help it feel fresh and exciting. More proof that old and new do, in fact, make a perfect pair.

Suspend your art

Yet another alternative to simply hanging your art on the wall: Hotel De’Ricci’s brass picture rail system, which works as a dramatic above-the-bed element. Choose large posters for major impact. 

Don’t underestimate a well-placed mirror

Especially tiny room? As The Rooms of Rome shows here, a floor-to-ceiling mirrored partition placed in the corner will make it look twice as big. A regular, rectangular mirror would work just as well. 

Now, time to get started on that bedroom redesign, but no rush—after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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