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Of Course Parisian Hotels Have the Best Design Inspiration

Seven ideas we’re copying.
photo courtesy of le pigalle paris

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We never seem to tire of the lifestyle of the French, whether it comes to how they assemble a charcuterie board or their nighttime rituals. The country that’s given us the gift of champagne, baguettes, and ballet knows a thing or two when it comes to living well—so of course it’s home to some of the chicest boutique hotels in the world.

Luckily, you don’t have to speak a word of the language to make your space feel a bit more French. You don’t even need to get on a plane (though, let’s be real, we’ll always advocate taking a trip to France). These Paris boutique hotels are rife with design ideas that you can easily incorporate into your own place, no matter where that is. Just don’t be surprised if you also find yourself planning a getaway to the City of Light while you’re at it—c’est la vie.

Layer Mirrors

courtesy of grands boulevards

Sometimes, two is way better than one—as is the case with the bathroom mirrors in Hotel Grands Boulevards. Opt for the same shape in different sizes, and stack one just slightly on top of the other for an unexpected twist.

Opt for Imperfection

courtesy of hôtel henriette

Half-painted walls are a tried-and-true way to add a bit of playful color to a room, but that doesn’t mean you have to aim for perfection. The ever-so-slightly irregular edges of the color-blocked walls at Hotel Henriette are delightfully irreverent and refreshingly modern.

Go All In on Bathroom Walls

courtesy of hotel bienvenue

Take two outdated trends, put them together, and you’ll find yourself with a room that’s surprisingly contemporary. The butter yellow tiles and ornate flower wallpaper in Hotel Bienvenue’s bathroom may not necessarily work alone, but together, they’re a perfect match.

Don’t Settle for Just One Light Source

courtesy of du rond point

You might have to call your friendly neighborhood electrician for help with this one, but the overhead lighting situation found in Hôtel du Rond Point des Champs Élysées is well worth the effort. A grid of 20(!) pink lightbulbs makes a wildly original alternative to a chandelier—and check out those capiz sconces.

Match Your Curtains to Your Walls

courtesy of hotel saint marc

The idea has gotten a bad rap, but this lilac-hued room in Hotel Saint Marc proves that matchy-matchy design can actually work. Floor-to-ceiling velvet drapes that match the room’s walls (and ceiling) make the big space feel more intimate. Throw in some slate blue and mustard, and you’ve got one covetable color palette.

Try a Mirror Headboard

courtesy of laz hotel

The rooms in Laz Hotel might not be massive, but a paneled mirror headboard makes this one look twice the size. The additional one on the bathroom door opens up the space even more. Time to forget whatever feng shui may have told you about mirror placement and follow suit.

Arrange an Ultra-Casual Gallery Wall

What gives this room in Le Pigalle its je ne sais quoi? A gallery wall that’s assembled with perfect insouciance. By hanging one or two paintings and leaning a few books, frames, and objects on an extra-long shelf, you can curate a similar vignette that doesn’t feel overly styled.

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