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Recipes, decor inspiration, party ideas—all things we scroll endlessly through Pinterest to find. Floor plans? Not so much. Frankly, we had no idea that so many thorough home layouts existed on the website. However, according to the company’s biannual Back to Life report, searches for “dream house plans” are up +669 percent. We’ve clearly been missing out.

So what exactly qualifies as a dream home plan in Pinterest users’ eyes? We did some digging and found that the most popular blueprints shared a lot of the same qualities. We can’t say we were too surprised by the four-car garages, walk-in pantries, and wraparound verandas, but that’s not to say we didn’t come across some out-there features. A boudoir? A game loft? Yes, those are real rooms we found drawn into the plans. Here are just a handful of the extravagant additions we discovered: 

  • A summer kitchen
  • A keeping room (a scary-sounding concept that really just means a secondary living room off of the kitchen)
  • A sewing room
  • A chef’s nook 
  • A rotunda 
  • A boat garage
  • A sun shelf (aka a tanning ledge for when you want to get in the pool, but not all the way)
  • A morning bar

Lesson learned: If you’re starting from scratch, do what makes you happy, even if it’s a little unconventional. We have to admit, having a summer kitchen, whatever that is, sounds pretty nice right about now.

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