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If we could choose anyone to decorate our homes, we wouldn’t go with an acclaimed designer. We’d enlist the help of Wes Anderson. Loved for his fabulously color-charged sets, attention to architectural detail, and favor for symmetry, the famed film director’s quirky and enchanting design aesthetic knows no bounds when it comes to whimsy. But since we’re assuming he’s a bit tied up at the moment, we’re taking matters into our own hands. Luckily, MuralsWallpaper just dropped a new collection of wallpaper inspired by the king of feel-good design.

The Anderson Aesthetic collection features three cheeky prints that aim to capture the director’s swoon-worthy style. With Anderson’s 50th birthday (May 1) fast approaching, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his eccentricity than with kitschy butterflies, exotic animals, and ice cream pastels. Weaving together the nostalgia of his movies and trending motifs, the playful collection is campy in all the right ways.

Not sure which wonderland is right for you? Take a closer peek at the three prints below.

If Moonrise Kingdom made you feel young again…

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Suzy, MuralsWallpaper ($3.25/square foot)

Fittingly named for Suzy Bishop from Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdomthe Suzy print perfectly captures the protagonist’s sense of adventure and rambunctious ways. We’re bugging out over this charming pick not just because it reminds us of warm summer nights and sleepaway camps, but because insects are currently all the rage.

If your favorite part about The Grand Budapest Hotel was the walls…

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Agatha, MuralsWallpaper ($3.25/square foot)

Can’t afford a fancy pre-war apartment complete with crown molding? Fake the coveted look by swathing the walls with Agatha—a pastel pink print directly inspired by the set of The Grand Budapest Hotel. All you need is a fresh batch of pastries to complete this look.

If your wardrobe turned red after Royal Tenenbaums

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Margot, MuralsWallpaper ($3.25/square foot)

Aside from making fire-engine red tracks suits seem cool again, Royal Tenenbaums introduced us to our wild side with the famous Scalamandre Zebra wallpaper used in Margot’s bedroom—a print Anderson first spotted in Gino’s, a now-defunct old-school Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side. This jungle-inspired pick takes the Tenenbaum family’s decor one step further with a ferocious tiger, tropical leaves, and a red-hot backdrop.

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