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When your grill is going, s’mores are on deck, and you’ve got plenty of company, you don’t need much else to host a memorable get-together, but this find could be a game changer. We’re talking about a brand-new carafe from Zara Home, which was practically made for summer entertaining thanks to a special twist: It glows in the dark.

No matter how many string lights you’ve hung and candles you’ve lit, there are those treacherous shadowy spots on the path from the kitchen to the patio table. With a regular pitcher, you risk stumbling and sending your big-batch cocktail flying. And even if you make it unscathed, drinking in the dark isn’t a walk in the park either (hello, spills).  This glow-in-the-dark carafe solves these problems just by being itself. Oh, and on those weekdays in between BBQs, it makes a great (portable!) nightlight for your bedside table.

All that, and it just looks cool. With a bubbled exterior, this carafe looks great in the daytime too—at night it just gets even better, giving off an on-trend neon green glow. That’s something we’ll cheers to.

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Bubbled Design Glass Set, Zara Home ($26)

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