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If you’ve ever listened to music and wished you could bottle the feeling it gave, you’re in luck. Paint giant Behr has partnered with Spotify and pop icon Katy Perry on a new tool that matches any song to the paint color it most embodies, looking at factors such as genre, key, and tempo. “Creeping Death” by Metallica is Dark Crimson (maybe not dark enough), and “Ivy” by Taylor Swift is Glass Sapphire (a deep gray-blue). But do the results really match with your listening experience? Domino editors put Behr’s Music in Color program to the test, and here’s what we found. I, for one, am off to paint my living room Laser Lemon in honor of Doja Cat’s “Kiss Me More.” 

“This Is My House,” Diana Ross: Back to Nature

green paint blob
Back to Nature, Behr

​​This past year saw me truly go back to nature, as I moved out of New York City to purchase my first home—a little bungalow on a lake upstate. I usually prefer more saturated tones of green, but this color would be a great way to amplify a sense of serenity in my bedroom. —Andie Diemer, deputy photo editor

“Moon River,” Audrey Hepburn: Sea of Tranquility

turquoise paint blob
Sea of Tranquility, Behr

I have a soft spot for Audrey Hepburn’s rendition of “Moon River.” Fun fact: I walked down the aisle to the song. It’s so wistful and romantic, which is what every bedroom should feel like, no? The tool served me up Sea of Tranquility, a robin’s-egg blue. It’s a bit intense for my taste—I’d mix in some white so it’s just a whisper of color—but the hue, which makes me think of floating in the ocean, the ultimate soothing activity, is spot-on.” —Lindsey Mather, editorial director, home

“Tennessee Whiskey,” Chris Stapleton: Bonfire Night

orange paint blob
Bonfire Night, Behr

Chris Stapleton’s voice just makes me want to hunker down in a big leather armchair and stay up late talking with my family. If I had a closet in my apartment to spare, I’d take the doors off, build a little bar, and paint the entire inside—cabinet doors, hardware, shelves—with this soothing terracotta hue in a lacquer finish. Nonwhiskey cocktails are welcome, too.” —Lydia Geisel, associate home editor

“Alexander Hamilton,” Hamilton Original Broadway Cast: Surfboard Yellow

yellow paint blob
Surfboard Yellow, Behr

Surfboard yellow, despite its beachy name, is actually a great golden shade for giving a room a colonial, traditional feel. It even reminds me of the buttons on Alexander Hamilton’s jacket and, of course, the show’s epic poster. —Julie Vadnal, deputy editor

“Levitating,” Dua Lipa: Dark Crimson

dark red paint blob
Dark Crimson, Behr

I like the moodiness of this hue, and I think it matches well with Dua Lipa’s tune, which makes me want to dance the night away. The dark shade would work well as a statement wall in my living room, where I plan to host a casual fall party with friends. I’m sold! —Edith Rousselot, editorial intern

“Back for You,” One Direction: Glass Sapphire

blue paint blob
Glass Sapphire, Behr

I don’t care what the critics say—I want to live in the feeling of hearing “Back for You” for the first time. Lucky for me, Behr directs me to Glass Sapphire, a deep blue as cool as the song. The vintage indigo shade is ideal for kitchen cabinets or even adding a pop to wood trim. —Kate McGregor, associate design editor

“Burning Down the House,” Talking Heads: Flirt Alert

red paint blob
Flirt Alert, Behr

I think out of all the songs I tried, this combo got it right. And I love the idea of this color for an entryway. I imagine being reenergized by it after coming home from a long day out. Someone cooking in the kitchen and “Burning Down the House” bumping from the speakers. —Samantha Weiss-Hills, deputy commerce editor